Superglued Tiger Interview

Tiger is a solid player, can sometimes be a bit cocky, however he definitely has backed up his cockiness when it comes to his performance as a RB! I think defensively he’s pretty average, but on offense he is a game changer type of guy!

1. This being your first season not on Koolaid’s line, do you think it will be a fun experience? Or do you think it will be business as usual and you’re going to ball out regardless?

Koolaid is a great QB with a great scheme and some really good plays. I do think some of my best runs came from his play calling but at the end of the day you can still make the wrong decision toting the rock and mess up even the best plays. So I still think I will be a top 4 RB just like every other season I’ve been in the VFL. Especially now playing with Champ and Farah who ultimately have the same scheming and mindset/approach to madden

2. Originally starting on the Browns must have been a dream as a RB/DL and now you’re on the Chiefs. Though, they do have a great roster both on madden and in the VFL. Has your attitude changed at all since being originally picked up by the Browns? Please explain why or why not.

I mean, I went in being the top RB outside of the 3 Browns RB’s last season using arguably the worst RB on any team last season.  So yeah, I was excited cause I’ve used Chubb and always got 150+ yards in every team play game I’ve used him.  So I was a little salty to get sent off before even running one scrimmage with them. But at the end of the day I’m back with some people I played with my first season and I’m happy to be on the Chiefs. I think we have the best roster right now and definitely expect big things this season.

3. I’ve played on your team in season 6 and I know you’re a great RB. There also seems to be a lot of people in the league that haven’t played on your team that seem to think you are “toxic”. How would you respond to those people? (myself sort of included 😂)

End of the day, I am a competitor. I’ve never had fun losing. So even in a free-to-play league I don’t know how you can have fun if you’re losing. I don’t bite my tongue because if I see something that can be fixed I will say it to give my team the best chance of winning. I’ve toned it down from when I first started but at the end of the day every league needs a villain. So I don’t mind having that image cause my numbers back my talking ten-fold.

4. Where do you see the Chiefs ending up in the standings as well as the Super Bowl race?

We will definitely be top 2.  I don’t see my line or Hexied’s line losing more then 1 game if that. Our goal is to have two undefeated lines and I definitely think it’s attainable.  And obviously we are my super bowl favorites.

5. Tell us a little about yourself whether it’s madden related or personally? Let the league get to know you!

I run a sports bar in the middle of Charlotte. Take care of my dog and my snakes in my free time.  Madden is about the only game I play on Xbox anymore. When I do have some free time I play golf. I joke a lot so most people in the league take my jokes very literally cause my sense of humor is dry. But the people I talk with and play with mostly know when I’m joking and when I’m bluntly telling them them they’re ass.

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