Hucci’s Post Bidding Thoughts Part 3


Some might say this is the best QB room in the league. I would have to agree with that. While others might say that is meaningless if you are surrounded by 500k players. I would have to disagree with that. The knowledge that 3 top-end QB’s bring to the table is game-changing. Most great QB’s can play both sides of the ball and know every position. I’ll use myself as an example. I play both H2H and WL. I can run defense better than 3/4th of this league. (Open invitation in H2H if you think I’m wrong) I play against the meta every weekend. There are very few players in this league that match my defensive IQ because of how much H2H/WL/Squads I’ve played. Players like Realest(Now people can say oh Realest isn’t a QB and those same people can’t win 21 games of WL, Realest can.), Abyss, Hexied, Ebok, Cruce and Brady are on that short list of players that have the equivalent experience. That makes them such well rounded players on both sides. They have that IQ. They have played the meta defenses and have reps against almost any defense you can throw at them. They can teach these 500k players where the holes are or why this action does this to a defense and so forth and so on. The overall competitive experience these 3 QB’s bring to the table rivals any QB room in this league. Example, I was just in a party with Brady and North a couple weeks ago while they were labbing dollar. How many QB’s in this league are labbing dollar with friends? He labs it so he can understand it. That makes a great QB. Did I mention that there are 3 of them? 3 different QB’s could be labbing and figuring defense/schemes things out. Not just 3 QB’s, 3 great QB’s. 1 of which is arguably one of the best QB’s in league history, Abyss. Coming off an MVP worthy performance (again) and winning QBOTY (again). He’s the 2-time MVP, 3 time LBOTY and 3 time QBOTY. Despite not winning the MVP, Abyss put up phenomenal numbers at QB. Posting a 9-3 record with 36 TDS to 9 INTS. Most people thought he should’ve won MVP based on strength of schedule. Abyss plays anyone, anytime. Abyss is gonna be a threat at QB every time he steps on the field. He’s always going to have a scheme that nobody else has. From his normal passing scheme to his high point passing scheme, Abyss’ offense will always be top tier. He also got LBOTY which means he’s a threat at user in the middle. Next up we got Brady. Brady has had two good seasons in the last 4 seasons. 2 being at QB. He took off a season to play RB and I guess we will see how he transitions back into a QB role this season. The other season he had at QB wasn’t that great. So 2 great seasons and 2 mediocre seasons. His last winning season at QB he went 10-2 with 26TD-16INTS. So while the IQ is there, he isn’t immune to mistakes. I still think Brady is a top tier QB in this league and I expect him to have a great comeback SZN. Next up we got Beaste. Beaste’s last season was a good outing posting a 7W-4L record and 14TDs-6INTS. So we know Beaste can play QB in 23. I say 23 because it’s very different than 22. Beaste is an old head who won 2 SB’s back in the LeagueArena days. Abyss made a deep run in the playoffs so I expect no less from this team. On to the RB position. They selected Clutch, Wales and ChildPlease. Of the 3, none of them have had a 600+ yard rushing season at RB in the last 5 Seasons. Clutch did have a 700+ rec yard season. So he is one of the better receiving backs in the league. Not that this team runs the ball a lot. So I don’t expect large numbers from them this season as well. On to WR. Crazy Effectz, Gamegreen and Beefy. Crazy didn’t have the greatest season last season posting only 700 receiving yards, but the previous season he posted 1900 rec yards with 21 TDS and also won a SB. I expect big numbers from Crazy with a top end QB throwing him the ball. Beefy is Beaste kin so I’m sure he will be on Beaste’s line. Beefy did have some great seasons at DL back in the day. Amassing 23 sacks in two different seasons. The chemistry that comes along with people you know IRL is unmatched. I expect these two to get dubs together. The lowlight at receiver (or what most people assume would be) is Gamegreen. In my opionion this was a smart move. Nobody reads defenses like a QB. Getting a former QB at receiver is a smart move when trying to attack the defense with a user receiver. They know where the holes are in the defense based on the corner and safety movement. All in all this QB room is phenomenal. 3 great leaders at QB with a tremendous amount of SB experience. Highpoints got patched but Mike Evans is Mike Evans. These guys have a perfect mix of high point and normal passing. I expect these guys to be a terror in the league. As long as the supporting cast can play defense this team will stay in contention from week 1 till the SB.




Up next we got the Chiefs. Led by owner Champ and GM Hexied. Honestly this might be a short one because of the unknowns going with this team. Not a lot of info out there about Dexi, KingKlay, PaidDough or Try Luv. So let’s talk about what we do know. Champ pairing with Hexied is kind of killer for real. Champ is a veteran owner who only requires one thing to get wins, Farah. Farah and Champ have been together since I’ve been in the league and they are always a tough matchup for anyone. Together they amassed an 8W-3L record last season on the Chargers. Champ threw 19TDS – 6INTS and 1900 Yards. 19 of those TDS went to Farah at WR. As a duo they are prolific in the passing game with few pairs even coming close to rivaling them in this league. I don’t expect that to change in season 8. Next up we got Hexied. I’ve known Hexied for awhile. We’ve played MUT together or against each other for the last few years. Hex came in hot with the shit talk and backed it up by making it to the SB. Hex is a great player. He is sometimes overly toxic but he is young. Maturity is just on the horizon for him. He has the talent to be one of the best QB’s this league has ever seen. He is looking to back up all the shit talk again this season. I don’t expect any less from Hex. He is definitely a top tier QB. Sometimes the immaturity doesn’t mesh well with the team around you so we will see how that pans out. Most people don’t give a damn if they are winning. Hexied posted 15TD-7INTS in his debut season. I expect a lot better numbers this season as he gets more comfortable in the VFL setting. Up next we got UngluedTiger. I don’t know if they are on the same line but pairing two toxic people together sounds explosive. A lot of mumblings around the league that Tiger is toxic and is not easy to get along with. Idk how that will play out between management and Tiger but I will be watching that for sure. Aside from the toxicity, Tiger has posted 3 great seasons at RB with two of those seasons hitting over 1000 yards rushing. He has 35 Rushing TDs in 3 seasons. Wow. That’s pretty freaking good. Kind of shocked by those numbers. Amazing numbers but tie that in with the toxic teammate trait is probably why he went so low. Is the toxicity a tactic to keep the price down? IDK. Next we got WRNZO. He was on Hex line last season and he put up pretty solid numbers for the first time in his VFL career. He got 718 Yards and 10TDS on the ground to go along with 9.7 yards per carry. WRNZO had a breakout season. I dont expect him to get much higher than that season just because the Chiefs team as a whole loves to pass. Great back but he will probably be more utilized in the passing game. Dexi and King Klay are Hexied’s MUT homies. If we can take anything from last season it’s dont count out the MUT players. Me being one of the MUT players as well. I know there are some really good team play players in MUT. I cant speak for Dexi or Klay because I’ve never played with them or against them. Most MUT players are hip with the meta defenses and cheesy offenses which is why the league has seen more Spinner/DB fire these last couple seasons. Jury is still out on whether Klay and Dexi can transition to regs team play. As for Paid Dough and Try Luv. There aren’t any stats for either so I dont have much to go off of in their realm. If they are coachable I expect Champ, Hex and Farah to have them ready for the season opener. All in all, I expect this team to be competitive and be in the top 3 of the Power Rankings all season. They have built a really good squad over here. Full of toxicness but also full of game to back it up. Once again another great season ahead for the Chiefs under Champs leadership.

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