HUCCIS Post Bidding Pt 4


We got the Cowboys next. Led by MrOhio and BloodyPStain. Ohio is a veteran owner who knows how to manage a team. I just got two questions for management. Why the Cowboys? Dak is trash and hard to use because of his windup. Also why leave so much money on the table. Being a veteran owner I’m sure Ohio has good reasoning. Leaving 26 mill on the table just seems like you short changed yourself. I’ve never been an owner so I don’t know the motive behind it. Anyways Ohio has assembled an ok roster over there in Dallas. Ohio himself has 61 career sacks in 5 seasons which is pretty good for a DL. However this season he is switching to DB which he has no stats for so I’m assuming he hasn’t played a season at the position. Ohio is always a good runner. Not astronomical stats but he will get the job done when set up with good runs. He went 4-4 last season but only amassed 183 yards on the ground. Idk if that was because of FFs or what. I expect more yardage from him this season. On to his GM, Bloody. Honestly I’m gonna be biased when talking about Bloody. Since being in the VFL through 5-6 seasons, Bloody is still one of my favorite teammates I’ve had. As my teammate he was always looking to play, wasn’t scared to challenge himself at different positions, was open to learn new defenses, helped me lab late into the night and he even practiced adjustments after i suggested it. Super easy guy to get along with and great personality. Not only is he a great teammate he is a solid player as well. In 5 seasons Bloody has 3800 rec yards, 38 TDS and 46 sacks. Not astronomical numbers but with his willingness to learn, he could double that with the right supporting cast behind him. He will be a good GM because of his attitude. Next up we got DRock at QB for 9 mil. Drock always has a unique scheme that hinges on fast paced offense and a lot of quick snaps. Drock posted a 7W-5L record last season with 1500 yards and 13TDs – 13INTS. Not the best ratio passing wise but a good record nonetheless. Through 4 seasons at QB Drock has always had around the same ratio. At 9mil he is a good pickup since they needed a QB. The next QB is Sir Bottomis. I’ve never watched Bottomis play but i know before this season he had played with the same group for quite a while. Was that holding him back? Not creating a narrative but maybe we will see better numbers out of him this season. Because in 4 seasons at QB he really hasn’t had a breakout season. Last season he went 5W-5L with 21TDs and 22INTS. With the game change to 23 you got to take those stat lines with a grain of salt. Spending 1 mil to get a 5-5 Qb is a steal in my opinion. Also who knows how close those 5 losses were. Next up we got Swift of the AP boys. Swift didn’t have the best record last season at 5W-7L but ill be honest I watched a lot of their games and they had a chance in 75% of those losses. They were a tough outing for a lot of teams last season. Swift passed for 16TD-12INTS with just under 2000 yards. He also threw 4TDS-0INTS in the playoffs. So it seems like they hit a stride at the end of the season. Utah the AP line WR accounted for 1775 yards of Swifts offense. But he has to get better on the DL only accounting for 1 sack all season. Vermont the RB of the AP line has yet to hit his full stride at RB. He hasn’t eclipsed 600 yards in a season yet. I expect to see substantially better numbers from the AP line. They hit some late momentum and I think it will carry over. They get better every season according to the stats. As for the rest of the team Doc and ProjectAutoBaby. I don’t know much about either. I have played with Doc and he is pretty solid. Maybe Ohio has some gems here. Overall this team is decent. I still question leaving the money on the table. The Cowboys have some solid lines with Drock and the AP Line. I expect them to be around .500 but I honestly hope they prove me wrong by doing even better.


Just like with my last article I am going to be a bit bias. Chargers have JohnnyWheels as an Owner. Johnny is a good advocate for this league. Johnny is a great personality and keeps the games fun even if your not winning. Wholesome guy and great teammate. As for his GM Gmen he is a sponge in this league. Learning all he can from other Qbs. We need more of that in this league. He posted 11TD-11INT last season. While he didn’t get much in the win category. I’m sure the stats don’t tell the full story of the games. I expect him to do much better this season. Especially with Johnny stealing the Chargers at 12.5. Boy what a steal that was. I don’t understand how he got them so low. Maybe people weren’t paying attention during the bidding idk. So not only did Johnny get the Chargers but he also got the season 7 league MVP. TxJamesSmithTx. TxJames posted 30TDs-7INTS with an 11W-1L record. A phenomenal season for a QB in the VFL. I haven’t watched many of his games but I have heard a lot. Some say he is good and some say otherwise. Prior to this past season he is never had a season close to what he did this season. Posting subpar numbers in previous seasons. I guess time will tell if he is a one hit wonder or not. His runningmate and RB, AppleDanish has posted 1400 yards in 2 seasons. Which is a pretty strong showing for a running back. He also has 45 TFLS, 8 Sacks and 11 INTS in 2 Seasons. He is solid on both offense and defense. Next is Rogue Apollo which is the WR/DL of TXJames line. Rogue has some pretty good numbers. Posting 3700 yards and 44 TDs in 2 seasons. Those are well above average numbers for a receiver. This line as a collective is solid and can get you wins with the substantial numbers they put up. Id still like to see this line play tougher lines so they can shake that image that they don’t play good lines. On Johnnys team this should be line 1 and should be getting games against other line 1s. I only go off hearsay cause i never watched them play and this league can be a bit dramatic sometimes. So hopefully they take this as motivation to whip everyone’s ass. As for the rest of the team, there are no stats for most of them. I’ve played against Victis and he is pretty good. That was a good pickup. I know Dizzel plays with GMen and they have chemistry so they can lab and learn together. As for Primetime I have no information on him. Maybe Johnny got a hidden gem. With the MVP I expect the Chargers to be in the playoffs. Johnny had a tough go last season but these bidding moves definitely will bring them closer to contending. As Gmen learns the QB position more and more I anticipate he will account for at least 6 wins this season. I wish the best for Johnny and his Chargers this season and I hope to see them in the playoffs.

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