Night 1 Recap

First night of the VFL was very interesting as a guy who isn’t taking place in the games.


Packers – I would have to say Packers were the shock of night 1 going 2-1 would be my biggest shocker moment. If you ask them I would bet they thought this would happen but lets be real nobody else did. Trini Ron picked up a win over the Browns and Smitty and Fig pulled off a close win vs Dolphins. Can GB keep this up or was it lighting striking twice in one day?

Browns – Browns owner TP had a good first night leading the Browns to a 2-1 record with wins over the Bengals and Bills. Browns running back Woohdy V2 accounted for over 475 yards and 4 touchdowns in 2 games for the Browns. Browns QB Highwalker suffered the only loss for the Browns on the night with a 1-7 passing games with only 17 passing yards vs Green Bay. 2-1 is a good night for the Browns

Chiefs – To nobody surprise the Chiefs go 3-0 on the night with Champ dominating the Packers and Chargers in his 2 games along with Hexi winning a tough fought game 17-7 over the AP Boys in Dallas. Can’t say I’m to shocked with the Chiefs dominating night 1 while facing 3 teams who were predicted to struggle this season. Im ready to see what the Chiefs line 3 has to offer.

Cowboys – Also a shock on the night was Cowboys starting off 2-1 with a big upset win over Ebok and the Eagles. AP line showed up a won a game in overtime 29-28 with a 2 point conversion to win the game. Also the Cowboys picked up a win over the struggling Dolphins in night one who seem to be the league worst team after night one.

Eagles – Eagles started off the night 0-1 with a tough loss to the Cowboys. Ebok really struggled in game with throwing 4 interception putting his team in a hole early. They came back and took the game to overtime but just couldn’t get the big stop when needed. Then Ebok bounced back with a win over the Chargers which they controlled the game they whole time. The line of Hucci , Tmo , Ugongetthiswork dominated on the night going 2-0 with wins over Bengals and Bucs, Ugongetthiswork once again making his early case for MVP dominating on both sides of the ball.

Bucs – Bucs only played 2 games on the night going 1-1. Brady really put a beatdown on the Bengals with a commanding 37-7 victory. But then Abyss really struggled against Eagles losing 27-7. A game that was close before the half turned upside down by a late half interception thrown by Abyss and the Bucs just couldn’t seem to recover. From a early look Brady and Beaste will need to do the heavy lifting this season for the Bucs.

Chargers – It was a rough night for the Chargers starting the season off 0-2. I know it gotta be tough for Bwall stepping in on short notice for the Chargers due to Chargers former GM quitting the league a few days before the season kicked off. Good news for the Chargers is the 23.5 million dollar man TexasJamesSmith hasn’t stepped on the field yet.

Dolphins – Man was it rough for the Dolphins. They just couldn’t seem to generate any type of offense tonight only scoring a total of 25 points in 3 games. I was afraid this could happen with Tua at the helm. Dolphins are gonna have to get more creative on offense because 25 points in 3 games just isn’t going to get the job done. Still waiting to see what Cruce and Verts have to offer.

Bengals – 0-4 on night one LOL LOL LOL.  Mr Top 5 himself started of the season 0-2 with losses to Blunkey and Hucci, As a matter of fact every line on the Bengals lost a game in night 1. I was concerned after the bidding looking at Lucky roster because I just didn’t see it. This is usual where Lucky looks to trade 4 to 5 guys from the team looking to improve his roster which in the past has worked out well for him.

Bills – 1 name is all I gotta say.. Blunkey , Blunkey , Blunkey. In the VFL Blunkey is probably the leagues punching bag. He talks the most , losses the most , and is the blunt of the joke on most occasions in the discord. But in night 1 Blunkey went 2-1 with wins over the Dolphins and Bengals. Have to say I got a great laugh out of watching Blunkey beat Lucky. I don’t think Lucky should be able to speak for the next week.


Also a big shout out to some up and coming stars in the league. Tglass QB/LB , Wideleft RB/DB ,Trey demonz WR/DL 3 guys who dominated in the AFL. In one game Tglass threw for 400 yards and 5 touchdowns. If your looking to call up some guys for next week I think this is the line your looking at!


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