The R3al3st Interview

 The self proclaimed VFL GOAT graced me with his presence for this interview, I know his time is valuable so we got straight into the questions! Realest when he plays is usually one of the top DC’s if not the top DC in the league he mixes his play calls up well and makes great adjustments to keep his opponents guessing!

1. I think I already know the answer to this question, however some may not. Why did you decide to stay as staff but not play in the league this season?

  I’ve always enjoyed this league , playing competitive team play has always been fun for me. Also I decided to stay on staff because I’ve known these guys for 10+ years. I’ve known Willy and Fatal since I was like 19 years old. I’ve known Rev since I was like 21 and I’ve known Tmo for years as well. I’m loyal to people treat me with respect. I decided to not play for multiple reasons. I simply needed a break for a season. I’ve wanted that break since season 2 tbh because of things that took place that season that left a bad taste in my mouth. Another reason for taking a break is going for lots of salary in the bidding is not fun. I’m a team first guy and I’m all about winning. Being more close to 60% of a team salary isn’t fun , I want my teammates and team to shine and me being that much hurts a team in my opinion which led to me sitting out. If I would have went in the bidding this season I would have probably went for 25+ million.

2. Last season going for 23.5 million, and still winning the Super Bowl was something I know I never saw in the league arena days of the VFL did you feel any added pressure being so expensive?

  Its a video game man there is no type of pressure at all. There are people who live pay check to pay check tryna figure out how to pay bills while also being able to put food on the table that’s pressure. Every game in the VFL my job is to go out there and stop the other teams offense to make things easier on my QB. As long as I do that to my best ability at the end of the day I’ve done my job.

3. What was it like playing on the VFL’s trolls (ebok) team?

  When I first found out I was going to Ebok I was a little disappointed. I never played with anyone on that roster before besides Gabe. Once I found out I was playing with Gabe I was a little bit for accepting of the situation. First week was great besides Blk being so high we lost a game. At the end of week 3 Ebok told us we were gonna be switching lines around a little bit for playoffs and I knew we had a shot to win. Ebok offense along with my defense and Gabe being a great WR I knew we would lose a game which we didn’t. After the end of season I realized even if you don’t like a situation at first always give it a shot because it could pay off. It was a fun team to be apart of outside of that shitter Bressus.

4. If there were position locks now like there was back in the day, would you play QB LB? That way you could control the play calling of both the offense and the defense?

   Yes I would play QB and call defense. Offense is really simple because we don’t have very many DCs who makes the adjustments enough to bother me enough at QB. Also after last season I wouldn’t even consider letting someone else call defense while I’m out there. One thing I think I ended the debate on in this league is who the best DC was. Everyone cried about AGGs all season long and I kept saying when it was time I would shut them down and I think I showed that against the Bucs and the Mut Children in the playoffs.

5. I know you do not care about stats, I know your biggest goal is to win baby win, with that in mind you could play MCS or other types of competitive platforms. What is it about the VFL that keeps you here?

  I honestly just love playing with regular teams. I enjoy the concept of team play. 1v1 Madden will always have a spot in my heart because that’s what I started doing when I first played Madden but Football at the end of the day is a team game and I love the concept of winning as a team..  I’ve won 2 SBs in this league and honestly I’m more happy for the guys I’ve won with. I think its cool to see guys like Telos , Woohdy , T1 Anime get to enjoy being on a winning team. Even season 3 being on a team and winning with Abyss was awesome feeling. Playing with someone who sees it the way I do and to win is a great feeling. I stay around for the team play aspect.

6. Let the league know a little about yourself for the new players or even the guys who don’t know you super well, whether it’s personal madden or just gaming related in general

  For the new people or the people who don’t really know me. I would probably say most think I’m a dickhead. At the end of the day I just wanna see people get better at Madden and not settle for being middle of the pack. People probably think I’m this big asshole and not a fun person to talk to but the people who really know me would tell you otherwise. I’m just a very competitive person with a win first menality.

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