High Times Week One Recap

  vfl opening week 


Packers: Lackluster start for Smitty and Fig at 3-6, but I was impressed with their front office ability to swap Brisket for Fear in a series of trades with the Eagles and Dolphins. Having a team like GB means you always have a shot to win, but the way these 3 lines have played thus far, running the ball seems to be the focal point, even though they have the best passer in the game. I’m interested to see how they perform Week 2.

Browns: Many doubted this team had what it took to even be competitive.. Looking at each roster, NFL and VFL, I personally didn’t understand the logic. Now there’s still massive questions that need to be answered and most of that revolves the teams QB room, but if finding a way to competently pass the ball 8 times a game is the only missing piece here?? I’d say this team by design, has a shot to do very well.

Chiefs: Not really a surprise here at 7-2, arguably the league’s best QB and most definitely the league’s best new QB paired up in a current VFL that lacks elite Quarterbacks. I’m not going to roast or praise this team because they have so many handouts given to them. Fara only plays for Champ and Hex has MUT friends the rest of the league hasn’t heard of. They will be dominant and they will be favorites to win the league.

Cowboys: 4-5 was a better opening week than I would have predicted. The AP line is the most deceiving line in the league, they never go for any real money, but they can beat anyone… I still want to see what this team’s long term goal is. Spent nothing on their NFL team and nothing on their VFL players, they have more cap than the Browns and the Browns have 16 MILLION LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Eagles: Could Ebok pull an MJ and 3peat??! It’s funny, last two times he won, I can remember early points in the season where it seemed like his teams were destined to fail, then the big turnaround happens. This year could always follow suit, but I’m still on the fence about a non-elite QB team winning over the games current meta of high ball passing. 5-4 is still respectable and the season is still young.

Bucs: At 6-3, this is exactly where I assumed a team with 3 elite QBs would be. Another no brainer scenario where of course Beaste lands Brady as GM, after Brady spent all off season telling everyone he wouldn’t do it and of course somehow Abyss falls right in their lap, after he ironically posted his “scheduling issues” for the upcoming season. So once again, I won’t roast or praise this team.. OBVIOUSLY their going to do well.

Chargers: Good for Johnny Wheels, he was able to land the best QB and the most appealing team to play for in the VFL based on their NFL roster. At 4-5, you’re right there in the mix with everyone and ironically, their trade of BWALL for Blunkey is an extremely low risk/high reward move. Now it’ll take TX Smith basically winning every game he plays for this team to contend, but that’s truly how their team is deigned.

Dolphins: Middle of the pack at 4-5, the Dolphins are an odd team to predict, with their out of nowhere trades that actually benefitted them the most in the end ironically- this team will need to find their identity as we head into Week2. Their best weapons at the moment, are also the thing that could potentially hold them back. Accountant and Brisket have always made it known they will look for trades if things don’t go as planned, for a new Owner/GM using a team like MIA in a league filled with KC, BUF, TB, LAC, GB, that’s a recipe for disaster unless this team gets hot next week. Week 2 is make or break for them!!

Bengals: It pains me to say this about a team I have much respect for, but I don’t see it with this group right now.. Before I dive into the negative, there is one positive and that’s the QB play of Flawless. After that, you’re looking at a 3-6 team with no identity and very little star power from the VFL roster. As their NFL team goes, the Bengals are SNEAKY GOOD and have the ability to compete with any team, I want Lucky and company to bounce back in Week2 because the league is better when he’s relevant, but if they can’t make it work, I can see things getting ugly very quick and Lucky has never been one to handle being ridiculed well.

Bills: Another scenario similar to Johnny Wheels and LAC where I’m scratching my head, not knowing what to make of this team. On the outer looking in, you have the best roster in football (Buffalo Bills) and you paired that with an elite QB in Koolaidz. After that, it’s a lot of waiver transactions and even more question marks. Leaving Week 1 at 4-5 is basically a wash, so I’m curious to see what Week 2 holds for this group.


Week 2…. Here… We… Come.


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