Realest Week 2 Preview

This is gonna be a list of something I wanna see from each team heading into week 2. I will start in order from top to bottom by records from week 1.


Chiefs – For me I wanna see Champ line play better competition. In week 1 they played lines that went a combined 1-8. looking at the schedules for week 2 it looks like they are playing weaker competition again. League complains about the so called top QBs who team up together but I think its more so they don’t play the other top lines in the regular season. so I’m looking to see Champ and his line play better competition in the regular season.


Bucs  – Very similar to Chiefs I wanna see Beaste line up against leagues better lines. Played a little better competition then Champs line but still played against lines that went 3-6. I’m looking to see Beaste vs Champ or Beaste vs Ebok. Those are the games the people in the league look forward to seeing. Also I would like to see Abyss do better then 1-2 this upcoming week. With a 21 million dollar salary there comes expectations and 1-2 every week isn’t going to cut it.


Eagles – How about we get the ball to Northzide. North in seasons 2-7 he was averaging 157 carries per season and this season he is on pace to get 68 carries LMFAO. Breesus needs to understand he is terrible at QB and this isn’t Madden 22 where you can run around with Lamar and Kyler Murray with escape artist and look decent. Play simple mistake free football and give the ball to the all time VFL leading rusher. It sounds like a simple concept but I am uncertain if Breesus can understand common sense.


Browns  – Need to see Highwalker line improve in week 2. His stat line isn’t great at QB which isn’t the big deal its the fact his running back has less carries then 2 other running backs in the league that are not Browns RBs. From the stats its seems like Highwalker is the worst of the Browns QBs when it comes getting the ball to his running back. When you select a team like the Browns your goal is to get the ball to Nick Chubb or Kareem Hunt whenever they are on the field. Ibprofam was tied for 2nd in yards per carry so lets get that man the rock.


Chargers – Can the other 2 lines pick up the slack? James Smith line went 3-0 in week 1 and played some week competition but I can’t really blame them with the way the roster is constructed. Someone on the roster needs to start picking up some wins outside of James and his line. With the addition of Blunkey who went 2-1 last week in Buffalo I’m sure they hope he can continue to keep it up going at least 2-1 on a week to week basis. In order for the Chargers to become at better team someone else has to step it up.


Dolphins – Will Brisket and Accountant get a win in week 2. That’s 21 million in cap on one line and a 0-3 start isn’t ideal. I know neither of them are QBs but at some point you got to figure out a way to get a W. Both have experience being DCs so you got to put your head and skills together and figure out a way to pull out a win. 1 win takes your team from 4-5 to 5-4. I’m interested to see how they do this week compared to week 1.


Bills – I think its safe to say I’m ready to see the Debut of Tglass19 at the NFL level in week 2. We seen him dominate at the AFL level in week 1 but we are ready to see what he can do at the NFL level. My first time seeing Tglass play was in a Youtube video in a very competitive Madden Franchise vs competitive Madden play Kmac. Tglass lost the game by 3 but you could tell right away this guy was a smart Madden player. Coming into the team play scene there are always question marks for 1v1 Madden players making the jump but I Tglass has high expectations heading into Week 2. Will he sink or swim?


Cowboys – Looking to see what the 3rd line can do. In week 1 the Cowboys line 3 went 0-3 while the other 2 lines went 2-1 which I would say is a total shock to most people. Cowboys owner Mr Ohio picked up a new QB Draco for his 3rd line after clear struggles from Sir Bottomis in week 1. Draco put up some solid numbers in week one in the AFL with 6 touchdowns and 5 interception with also 140 rushing yards, Just 1 win in at the NFL level this would would be a step in the right direction for the Cowboys if the other 2 lines can win 4 games again.


Packers – Need to see better products from the 500k army. F34r is the only player on this roster who didn’t cost 500k. Its unrealistic to ask him to carry this team on his shoulder by himself so with that I need more productions from the other 6 roster players and management.


Bengals – Its a very simple here in Cincy. Lucky needs to be better no excuses. All off season he talked about how he wanted smoke from line 1s and when he played 3 line 1s according to records in week 1 his line got outscored 72-42 losing by a average of 10 points per game. Not to mention Lucky is a self proclaimed top 3 QB within the league who gave up his QB spot in the Super bowl to someone who went 1-2 in week 1. Until Lucky starts winning I think we should mute him in general chat ( seriously joking ).





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