Hiigh Times- VFL/NFL Player Comparisons

  vfl week 1&2


TXJamesSmith – 2021 Aaron Rodgers: AR finished his 2021 MVP season with 34 TDs 4 INTS, our very own TXSmith is currently on a similar pace with 18 TDs 2 INTs. What more could be said, coming off an MVP season and emerging again as an MVP candidate this season, TXSmith is as good as it gets statistically.

BWall- 2005 Alex Smith: Before Alex Smith would hit “greatness” there was a 9-game span in 2005 where he went 1TD 11INTs with a 40% completion percentage. Similar to this season for Bwall 2TDs 12 INTs 34% completion, things haven’t came easy for the VFL veteran WR turned QB. 

Woody- LaDainian Tomlinson 2006 Season: LT had one of the most dominant seasons the NFL has ever seen in 2006 with a combined 31 TDs and over 2000 yards. It was an MVP year for the star running back and that’s exactly where Woody sits after Week 2.

Shady- Legarrette Blount 2018 Season: Shady is a known player in the league with impressive past seasons similar to Blount before 2018, this season though has started off rocky to say the least. Like Blount in 2018 who ran for a league’s worst YPC 2.7, Shady finds himself this season at the bottom of VFL with 4.4 YPC. 

RogueApollo- Davante Adams 2020 Season: The 2020 season in the NFL was the Aaron Rodgers/Davante Adams show! Similar to our league, TXSmith and Rogue are very dependent on one another, but season after season dominate statistically. Adams finished the year leading in almost every WR category, Rogue should follow suit in Season 8. 

Smash6090- Danny Amendola 2019 Season: Smash and Danny were both put into solid scenarios, Smash playing in BUF w Allen and Danny commanding 100 targets in the 2019 season, unfortunately neither have been able to do much with it. Smash through Week2 has a minimal 2 TDS and 455 yards, back in 2019 Amendola with his 100 targets, could only muster up 1 TD and 678 yards. 

Accountant- Jared Allen 2011 Season: Back in 2011, Allen was in a league of his own.. He ended that campaign with a powerful 22 sacks and completely dominated on his side of the ball. Accountant through week 2 has also been in a LEAGUE OF HIS OWN. Using MIA lineman, he’s somehow surpassed users playing with Myles Garrett and Von Miller. Currently sitting at 18 sacks and half the season left, he could quite possibly surpass 40 sacks now usering Myles Garrett himself!

UngluedTiger360- JJ Watt 2014 Season: JJ Watt completely destroyed lineman in 2014, but still finished 2nd in sacks with an impressive 20.5 sacks on the season. Similar to Tiger this season, his stellar numbers through 2 weeks (15 sacks) gets completely overshadowed by the player mentioned above.

Abyss- Charles Woodson 2009 Season: Back in 2009 Woodson was a straight animal, who dominated in every aspect of defense. 9INTS, 2 Sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 3 TDs- this would carry him to a Defensive Player of the year title. Abyss is in a similar position, posting a highly impressive stat line of 6.5 sacks, 9 INTs, 2 FR and 3 TDs. 




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