Playoff Line Power Rankings pt2

Welcome back to week two of the Playoff Line Power Rankings! There was a ton of shakeup after last week, so I’m hogcrazy to get back into these rankings after those wacky games. I liked the response to last week’s article so much that I’m going to be keeping things the same and staying anonymous. So sit back, sip on some red water, and start posting your complaints about me in general chat so everyone can read them instead of just Rev. Thank you!


1 – IR x Brady, ChildxxPleasex, MrTookYoShi

While the league was collectively melting down over the week, Brady stayed out of the drama outside of one 15 minute stretch on Wednesday. Was he grinding out his next game plan for his next opponent (who we now know are the Packers)? Was he resting up to put up more 40-burgers on fools? I don’t know, but the Packers are going to have a tough time winning this series when Brady can get three of those four wins.

2 – TXJamesSmith, RogueApollo, AppleDanish

I’ll admit, I thought there was a chance that TXJames would get washed by the Chiefs, but he handily eliminated any thought of that. He didn’t have amazing stats with Justin Herbert, so there’s still a question or two about his offense, but TXJames is going to be a big obstacle for any other line in these playoffs.

3 – Ebok, Crazy Effects, Gabe

Went 3-0 with bum Jalen Hurts. It must suck to be as good at Madden as Ebok is. I bet he’s a great writer too.

4 –  IamBeAsTe, BeefyChub, ClutchKing

Beaste had the pleasure of sitting back, smoking a cigar and watching the league meltdown from his owner’s box (which every owner gets as part of their contracts with Primetime Leagues). Everything I said here last week still stands. Beaste is a beast, but I hope he spent this week off figuring out how to beat DB Fire 2.

5 – Hucci, Tmo, Willy

This line went 1-1 against Lucky’s line, while a 2-0 week would have been amazing for them. The Eagles absolutely need Hucci’s line to step up against the Chargers. The Eagles look like they’re two-lines deep, you know Ebok is going to deliver but I’m less sure about Hucci. If Ebok wants any chance of three-peating, he needs Hucci to step up in a big way in the rest of these playoffs.

6 – RCV20, Trey Demonz, NateCashMoney

The surprise line of the week, they went 2-0 against the Browns (before a 4th down violation took away a score and a win) and they look setup to continue that success in the semifinals. I’m still watching these guys to see what they can do, but I’m a believer.

7 – FIG, Smitty, Carnage

FIG is coming off a rough week, and I’m not sure they’re the Packers first line anymore. FIG kinda got exposed at QB, but he was able to still pull out a win to end up at 1-1. I still think this line has the ability to win games, but with Rytzo playing well I’m not even sure if FIG will even be the Packers 2nd line QB next week.

8 – AP Boys

They took the Chargers’ worst loss against the Chiefs, but I still believe in the AP Boys. They still have time to elevate their offensive and defensive games, but I think we need to see them start to air it out more often using the left bumper button. #LetHerbertCook.

9 –  Rytzo, RigsTime, GunTight

These boys have been playing good Madden. They went 1-1 against the Browns last week, and that’s not an easy thing to do. These guys are a huge advantage for the Packers as they can matchup with any other 3rd line and maybe even some second or first lines as well. I’m pretty sure they beat UserB’s line and I had them ranked in the top-10 last week, so this line could be setup to make some noise the rest of the way.

10 –  Remix o2, Dizzel50, JohnnyWheels

Remix pulled a game out against the Chiefs last week, but his games were not without controversy. I don’t like seeing forfeits at any point in the season and especially not in playoffs. I thought the league should have organized a replay for this line’s game against the Chiefs.

11 – Breesuss, Kuhrow, AceBoogs

Breessus played decently well against the Bengals last week(#WheresPlayoffSac?), but this line is still a major liability on the Eagles. What kind of pictures does Breessus have on Ebok and why isn’t he sharing them with the rest of the league????

12 – Explikcit, Kwam34MVP, CallMeeKyle

This line is still a major question mark. Explikcit is, by far, the least experienced QB left in the playoffs and there is questionable help on his line. This line winning any games for the Bucs would be a huge bonus for them, but the odds are stacked against these guys.

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