Playoff Lines Power Rankings

1 – IR x Brady, xxChildxPlease, MrTookYoShi (10-2) Bucs

Brady, on Brady, has been pretty much unstoppable. He has the best QB stats in the league and would probably win MVP comfortably in any other year. Add on the fact that ChildPlease is legitimately a top-5 user DL skill wise, and you have a very good line. One anonymous owner said: “Brady is probably the best QB in the league now that Abyss retired”. He might have to answer for the 29 point flooding he took from an Eagles line that appears shortly, but Brady will be favored to win in essentially every game in this playoffs.


2 – Hexied, SBG Boxing, WRNZO (7-2) Chiefs

Hexied is the most nuanced and most creative QB in the league. He has a plan of attack for every game, along with counters for defenses that think they can stop his first set of plays. There is a question with his availability, he has already missed a week because of suspension this season, which is the only reason this line isn’t #1.


3 – Ebok, Crazy Effects, Gabe (8-4) Eagles

Ebok is an elite QB and, on a team that has a QB with velocity abilities, he is a top-2 QB and he’s not 2. There are questions with the rest of the line, but Ebok is elite on both sides of the ball. Jalen Hurts is trash, though, and Gabe isn’t very refined at DC, so it’s on Ebok to win every game he plays these playoffs.


4 –  TXJamesSmith, AppleDanish, RogueApollo (12-0) Chargers

James, Apollo and Danish went 12-0 with elite numbers this season and there will likely be at least two pro bowlers/players of the year on this line. There are also huge strength of schedule concerns. One GM said: “James line is probably going to be at a disadvantage. They went 11-0 against the Dolphins, Packers, Bengals and Cowboys during the season, now they have to play the Chiefs in round one.”


5 –  IAmBeaste, BeefyChub, ClutchKing (9-3) Bucs

Elite QB with an elite offense. They should be good enough to win games through pure offense, but there are questions. Beaste struggled in numerous games at the end of the season playing against DB Fire 2, and he’s going to see a lot of that in these playoffs.


6 – Champ, Farah, Tiger (7-3) Chiefs

Champ is an elite QB. Farah is an elite WR, LB and DC. Tiger is an elite RB. This is one of the deepest lines in the league 1-3 and arguably the most talented line in the league, but this is also Champ and Farah in the playoffs so all bets are off.


7 – Hucci, Tmo, Willy (9-3) Eagles

I was told numerous times this season that “Hucci is struggling at QB”. If 9-3 is struggling, then I want to struggle too. Hucci is a great QB and he has two of the best skill players in the league on his line.


8 – UserBFlawless, Redwater, Brisket (8-4) Browns

People are going to call UserB biased for this, but I am not UserB and he had no effect on this ranking. UserB’s line is above TP and Woohdy’s line simply because the Browns’ playoffs chances are going to come down to the QB’s ability to win the game with Deshaun Watson. Teams are going to sell out to stop Chubb, and I have some faith that UserB is going to be able to throw the ball effectively when that happens. This line is also the deepest with Redwater and Brisket alongside UserB.


9 – TPBraves, Woohdy, Accountant (9-3) Browns

This line runs through Woohdy, and almost to a fault. Accountant is playing off-position at WR, and TP didn’t have much of a passing game outside of “quick cheese because they think we’re running”, according to one owner,  this season. The week 4 loss against Brady and the Bucs drops this line significantly in these rankings. The Browns lost the game 26-14 and TP went 0-4 with an interception.


10 – FIG, Smitty, Carnage (7-4) Packers

FIG is the breakout QB of this season, in my opinion. He’s shown himself to have a good, consistent offense that can win VFL games and Smitty is a great DL user. There are some questions about Carnage at DC, “he calls a lot of base cover 3” according to one GM, but FIG might be good enough to win anyway.


11 – LuckyDabs, F34r Painkiller, Jacc (5-6) Bengals

The jury will always be out on Lucky at QB, but F34r and Jacc are showing themselves as elite supporting pieces. F34r’s defense played very well against Koolaidz (whose line would be in the top-5 if the Bills were in) and Jacc is quickly becoming one of the most underrated WR/LBs in the league.


12 – AP Boys (8-4) Chargers

It’s a testament to the depth of this league that the 8-4 AP boys are the 12th ranked line. They played really well on the Cowboys, but they’ve never been ones to abuse the high bullet and you need to abuse the high bullet on the Chargers. If they can show themselves to be able to use the high bullet effectively, this could become the best line on the Chargers.



13 –  RCV20, Trey Demonz, NateCashMoney (4-0) Packers

This is probably the most interesting line in the league. They are 4-0 since RCV took over at QB. That 4-0 includes two big wins against the Browns, who they will be playing against in Round 1. Trey was 0-4 before RCV joined the line, so there are still some questions on this line.


14 – Sacrifice, Northzide, dfeetu (5-7) Bengals

Is Playoff Sac going to show himself this year? If Playoff Sac shows up, this line is set up to do work in the playoffs. If the Sac from weeks 1 and 2 shows up, the only work this line will be doing is packing for Cancun.


15 – Kxng x KIay, Paid Dough, Try LUV (5-6) Chiefs

The top ranked 3rd line in the league. Neither the offense or defense are refined, but they’re good enough to beat any other 3rd line in the league. That’s a HUGE bonus for the Chiefs, who can throw this line out against any team and have a chance at winning.


16 – Rytzo, RigsTime, GunTight (5-6) Packers

This line was on its way to being the league joke before Rytzo became a pretty good QB in weeks 3 and 4, including a game against Ebok’s line where Rytzo finished 18-22, with 231 yards, 3 tds and only 1 int. There was still a very bad game against the AP boys mixed in with his good weeks 3 & 4, but I think these guys have a chance to do something in the playoffs.


17 – Hiigh, IbProFam, T1Anime (6-6) Browns

This line shouldn’t be ranked this low, but there are major questions about this line. IbPro has a relatively poor 7.4 YPC with Nick Chubb, and Hiigh probably has not played enough QB in this Madden after not playing QB in seasons 6 and 7.


18-21 Remix o2, Dizzel50, JohnnyWheels (4-8) Chargers. Breesuss, Kuhrow, AceBoogs (4-8). Beachmode, CriticalTelos, RedHour (3-9). Explikcit, Kwam34MVP, CallMeeKyle (?-?).


Putting these lines together because I think they are all pretty similar. All four of these QBs are pretty inexperienced at the position, and there isn’t enough support on their lines to make up for that inexperience. Johnny is a good DC, but his DB fire 2 is pretty basic. Kuhrow and CriticalTelos are good players, but they’re probably being asked to do too much on their lines. Beachmode had some pretty good games at QB after he switched, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulled out a win in the playoffs.

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