Ebok’s Post Bidding Rankings

Personally, I think owners fumbled the bag this season by thinking that they had to pick defensive teams. Owners should’ve been looking to do the opposite & snag up the best offensive teams to help separate their QBs from the rest. Anyone with defensive IQ this season can play good defensively since Set Feet Lead & Pass Lead Elite got banned (& Nick Chubb I guess). You’re going to see a severe drop in QB stats this season & a rise to RB & Defensive stats. I think whoever wins the SB this season will win because their QB’s found out how to properly utilize their offenses. I hope staff has a DC of the year award because I would love to see if it’ll be from someone who has a defensive team Ex. PHI, 9ERS, BAL. (Breesuss for MVP)

1. Cards

eboKtsoP- QB/LB $0 CrAzY EFFeCTzzz- RB/DL $500,000.00 Gabe iLy- WR/DB $1,500,000

Young Hexied- QB/DB- $9,000,000.00 Its Reebok- RB DL- $9,000,000.00 SBG Boxing- WR/DB- $9,000,000.00

Breesus- QB/DB- $500,000.00 T1 Anime- RB/DL- $1,500,000.00 Kuhrow- WR/DL- $1,500,000.00

Breesuss the SB MVP will carry this team to the promise land. (16-0 szn)

2. Ravens

IR X Brady- QB/LB- $0 Northzide- RB/DL- 3,000,000 Dfeetu44- WR/DB- $1,500,000.00

xxHucci- QB/LB $8,000,000.00 NATECVSHMNEY- RB/DL- $8,000,000.00 Trey Demonz- WR/LB- $8,000,000.00

Remix o2- QB/LB- $500,000.00 WRNZO- RB/DL- $500,000.00 Xbehe- WR/DB- $500,000.00

Brady did a good job in securing one of the top 3 lines in the draft while also getting North & Dfeet. I could easily see this team finishing as the 1 seed but the line 3 is going to be a big problem for this team. Another concern I have for this team is can Brady & Hucci utilize Lamar talents? Brady & Hucci have always been pocket passers in their VFL careers so the switch up to a scrambler like Lamar might be the downfall to this team. (Also, the Ravens WRs suck in madden).

3. Eagles

l CPayne83- QB/DB- $9,500,000.00 DaAccountant#310- RB/DL- $9,500,000.00 Farah En Fuego- WR/LB- $9,500,000.00

TpBraves- QB/DL- $0 ibprofam- RB/DB- $500,000.00 lH ii G Hl- WR/LB- $500,000

Therealkobe522- QB/LB- $500,000.00 Salukivsn- RB/LB $500,000.00 Cflo80- WR/DL- $500,000.00

Although I have the Eagles at 3, they could’ve easily been #4 or lower. The reason why I have them above a team like the Seahawks is because I think the Eagles are deeper in terms on VFL Roster than the seahawks. Although i can see this Eagles team having a great season I don’t know if Champ or any of the other QBs are going to be able to sling da rock with Jalen Hurts like big daddy EBOK. The Keys to success for this team will be through running the ball & playing great defense. I can’t wait to see how these QB’s perform with Jalen… (I’m sure accountant is bricked up rn since he gets to use the Eagles DL).

4. Seahawks

DtM x KoolAiDz- QB/DB- $10,000,000.00 Ungluedtiger360- RB/DL- $10,000,000.00 Th3PORKS1DE- WR/DL- $10,000,000

BlkSup3rsa1yan- QB/DL- $2,500,000.00 Woohdy v2- RB/DB- $1,000,000.00 TheBrisket-WR/LB- $3,000,000.00

SixthMallard940- QB/LB- $0 Xjesse33- RB/LB- $500,000.00 Smash#6090- WR/LB- $500,000.00

I think Mallard did an OK job with his draft. Koolaidz line will be able to win games, but I have concerns for the other 2 lines. BLK is a QB who NEEDS a scrambler. Geno Smith is not a scrambler plus he has low THP. BLK typically sits in spread 4 verts & QB wrap so unless he can dunk on everyone with DK, I can see this line struggling to put up points & some trade requests will pop up. I’ve never seen Mallard play QB, but he told me he sucks so…This season will come down to if BLK can get the job done or not for this squad…might be another play in type season for Mr. Media Man.

5. Raiders

DrockNation2- QB/DB- $2,000,000.00 Getthiswork1018- RB/DL- $1,000,000.00 Routegodxx- WR/DB- $7,500,000.00

x Sacr1f1ce x- QB/DL- $3,500,000.00 Mrohio- RB/DL- $0 PaidDough-RB/DB- $16,000,000.00

Wales1991- RB/DL- $500,000.00 Gmen1085- QB/DL- $500,000.00 lDEATlHl- RB/LB – $500,000.00

Ohio did a good job in bidding by securing Drock & Sacrifice, but he fumbled the bad by spending 16 mil on PaidDough. Idk him maybe he’s an ABSOLUTE DEMON but if Ohio spent the rest of his cap on securing one of the Lines in bidding, then he could’ve put together a top 2 roster in the league. Drock, Willy & Tmo should be able to win games but I’m unsure if Drock will be able to put up numbers with Derek Carr. It might be another defensive szn for TMO & Willy (no shots at anyone). Idk what the other lines are but if Ohio can pair a DC with Sac, then that line should be able to be a solid line 2. Honestly though, this team might be the dark horse in winning it all due to the double EDGE THREAT ELITES. The DL users have the ability to HARD CARRY these games & wreck the game for the opposing QB’s. If Drock plans on feeding Willy, I would put him up for MVP considerations.

6. Raiders

ClampByLucky- QB/DB- $5,000,000.00 xX713JaccXx- WR/LB- $5,000,000.00 MIDNIGHTxYORK11- WR/DL- $5,000,000.00

xBeachMode- QB/DB- $0 Deboss Lou- RB/LB- $500,000 R3D H0ur- WR/DL- $500,000.00

Aceboogs98- QB/LB- $15,000,000.00 ClutchxKing215- RB/LB- $4,000,000.00 MrTookYoshi2- WR/DB- $3,000,000.00

The Giants being ranked 6th might be a shocker to most people but I think Beach did a fine job in bidding. He sold the bag by putting 15 mil on Aceboogs but even doing so this team should make playoffs. Lucky’s line will win you games & I’ve seen beach play a lil post draft & his line is lookin like a solid line 2/3. If Ace isn’t out there throwin dots to the DB then they should have a solid szn. Will Lucky be able to be a hard carry QB1? Guess we’re about to find out this szn.

7. Jaguars

F34r Painkiller- QB/DB- $8,000,000.00 Outaker24- WR/DL- $8,000,000.00 Shady on Discord- RB/DB- $8,000,000.00

l Fig- QB/DB- $2,500,000.00 Smitty- RB/DL- $0 FYCiMagi214- RB/DB- $500,000.00

Blunkey- QB/DB- $500,000.00 EvLeGrand- RB/DL- $500,000.00 AceBooGiee- WR/DB -$500,000.00

This season is either gonna go 1 of 2 ways for the Jags. Either a play in szn or a tank for Tua type of deal. Spending 24 mil on RPO Painkiller is an eyesore to look at. I had Smitty as a LOCK to snag up the Hucci line but obviously I was wrong. Maybe Smitty & Fig can conjure up some magic like they did last season on the Packers who knows, but I don’t see this team doing much this season.

8. Dolphins

PonchySwag- QB DB $10,500,000.00 TheRealest RB DB $10,500,000.00 Nedly0228 WR DL $10,500,000.00

IamBeaste- QB/DB- $0 Call me Kylee- RB/DL- $500,000.00 Beefychub- RB/DL- $500,000.00

Rytzo- QB/DL- $1,500,000.00 Rigs Time- RB/DB- $1,500,000.00 Mam13a Out- RB/DL- $1,500,000.00

This has got to be the WORST draft that Beaste has ever had. Even though I had Ponchy’s line locked to go to Miami or Minnesota I’m kinda surprised that Beaste didn’t learn his lesson about spending all of his cap on 1 player. Yes, he got an entire line this time around, but the rest of this Dolphins roster is very bad. If this was M22 Beaste we were talkin bout, then this draft would’ve been better but it’s not. Beaste has struggled on both Josh Allen & Tom Brady & I don’t see anything changing this szn. Hopefully Beaste can change that & pop off this szn but unless Ponchy’s line super hard carries I don’t see much of anything happening with this team this szn.

9. Vikings

UserB Flawless- QB/DB- $8,000,000.00 ll Redwater ll- RB/DL- $8,000,000.00 Areis x21- WR/DB- $8,000,000.00

xTH3B3HRxG3W- QB/DB- $2,000,000.00 Praying4DDA- RB/LB- $2,000,000.00 Savvy Rican- WR/DL- $2,000,000.00

Alltheway757- QB/DB- $500,000 Johhny Wheels- RB/LB- $0 SpaciousHorse60- QB/DL- $500,000

Spending 24 Mil on User B is a very bad look for Johnny after doing such a great job in securing TXjames & them last szn. Sure, this UserB line will win you some games, but they’re not Line 1 material in my eyes. I don’t know this DDA line maybe they are glitchy, but I feel like Johnny took a step back in bidding from last season. I could be wrong but I probably won’t be. I’m surprised that Johnny didn’t go after the AP boys or Ponchy…

10. 49ers

Swift AP- QB/DB- $2,500,000.00 Vermont AP- RB/LB- $2,500,000.00 Utah AP- WR/DL- $2,500,000.00 —

Bhedden – QB/DL- $0 Critical Telos- RB/DB- $2,500,000.00 Bwall3565- RB/DB- $1,500,000 —

Kwame- QB/LB- $500,000.00 Victishonor684- RB/LB- $500,000.00 Precutblowfish- WR/DL- $500,000.00

All though Bhedden snagged up the AP boys for 7.5 Mil the rest of this team is complete DIRT & they will end up missing the playoffs 100%. Maybe Bhedden will make a buddy deal with someone & move the AP boys before the end of the szn. This team still has 22 Mil in cap space…

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