Camaros Predictions

With season 9 right around the corner I wanted to do an early season prediction and breakdown of each team. (This is not a list in order of best team to worst) let’s dive into these rosters!

49ers (13-23)

Unfortunately I do not see this team going super far by any means. They have the AP line which I predict getting half or more of their wins. This is a tough line to play against and they always have close games. I’m not 100% sure how the rest of their lines will look quite yet, I have a feeling telos behe and bhedden will be a line. I have faith bhedden can play solid QB but I think he has potential to let his ego get in his way. If I were him I’d hand the ball off to telos and let him and the defense win them some games.

Cardinals (26-1

This team will be a powerhouse “super team” everyone always complains about. Hexied with Reebok and boxing will be an extremely difficult line to play against he keeps talking about a great run scheme with kyler and I’m interested to see what it is, as well as ebok gabe and crazy, ebok is one of the best QB’s in the league and gabe has always been a solid user. Breezus will probably hold the most losses on this team again but I think he’s a lot better than people say. I’m convinced it’s a troll to make sure he stays on eboks team.

Cowboys ( 25-11)

I see this team being a top three team easy. Brady dfeet and northside have always dominated in the league and hucci teaming up with Nate and trey is gonna be a dominant line this upcoming season remix bwall and wrnzo will be the only real question mark on the team however remix used to be a great QB back in the old VFL days and is just now getting his feet wet in the VFL with his rookie season being last season, bwall is a great WR DB and wrnzo is a great RB I can see this team being in the Super Bowl.

Vikings (14-22)

I can see this team struggling Johnny madden is going to be this teams bright spot Johnnywheels coming off a great season making playoffs after being the worst team in the league he will be looking to push forward with some more progress, however, spending 24 mil on the userb, red, areis line is not the best call imo areis and red are great players but userb will drag them down tremendously.

If this team makes playoffs it would be due to the lack of production by other teams imo.

Raiders (14-22)

Mr Ohio got some steals in this draft with sacrifice and tmo my issue is I don’t think drock is the best of QB’s and gets flustered easily. He will have tmo to help him a lot but I’m not sure if drock will be able to put up the points needed to win some of those closer games. I think gmen is a solid QB but I also believe he needs some talent around him I feel like he’s very inconsistent at times and that would be his lines biggest downfall.

Seahawks (18-18)

This team seems to be about a middle of the pack type of team to me. Koolaids line will win a lot of games and blk and brisket will be able to win you some games as well. I see mallard made the switch to QB this season and I am interested to see how he does. I think as a QB he would be their third best QB on the team and will be able to squeeze out some games but will rely on koolaid and blk to win most of their games as a whole.

Giants (20-16)

Mr top five himself is on the giants and I know he’s capable of winning games, his issue is he doesn’t adjust well and I’ve noticed he likes to be the star of the show. So when things aren’t going his way I feel like he folds easily. However I do think in that same aspect he always comes up big in clutch type of situations, it’s a weird phenomenon I don’t know how to explain. Ace boogs is making his return to QB and I think he can win games as a play caller but he has a tendency to turn the ball over quite a bit. If his teammates can keep the mood light I can see them winning some games. Beach mode is a QB that I’ve seen ply well and I’ve seen ply not so well but he’s always in a good mood and willing to keep getting better. I can see this team being one to keep an eye on

Eagles (22-14)

With the champ Farah and accountant line this team is expected to make playoffs in my eyes. They’ve always been a great line and I don’t see this season being any different. TP high walker and Ibprofam will be another line to keep an eye on. Highwalker switching back to WR is a good call because he is a great route runner and can get a lot of YAC the one line that has me a little concerned would be the Kobe salukvisn and cflo line I’ve played some scrims against them however I think they play out of position so it’s hard to judge I want to see how they do this upcoming season.

Dolphins (27-9)

This team imo looks stacked on paper you have rytzo rigs and mamba which will be a great combo rytzo looked great at QB towards the end of last season and rigs and mamba are great users to compliment rytzo play style. You have beaste Kyle and beefy which beaste will definitely win games and plays great defense the line that I think has potential to go 12-0 ponchy realest and nedley ponchy one of the best QB’s in the league if not the best realest one of the best DC’s in the league if not the best. Just creates an insane duo in itself. Also having nedley on the line to get ponchy and realest their water quickly will be a great addition to keep them pushing for an undefeated season.

Jaguars ( 12-24)

Smitty back at it again with starting the season off with a not so great looking team. I think fear and shady have potential to win a lot of games but I also know fear loves to just throw games instead of giving the ball to shady. Fig played great QB last season but looks to have switched to WR the other QB’s listed on their team aceboogie I know very little about however I know blunkey is a solid QB people love to poo on him but I know he has potential to win some games but almost always seems to randomly have scheduling problems come VFL games. I’d like to see how this team does this season but at the moment it’s tough for me to put them in the top.

Super Bowl predictions

I have the cowboys and the dolphins playing in the Super Bowl with the dolphins winning 4-1

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