VFL Top 25 Players (16-20)

VFL Top 25 Players

This is a list of what 4 others players and myself within the community think are the Top 25 players from this Madden which includes seasons 6 ,7 , 8 , 9. I would like to starting by thanking Farah , Gabe , Koolaidz and EboK for taking time to help with this process. There was a point system based on where you got ranked on all 5 voters. Here are players ranked 16-20!


20) Farah En Fuego

Koolaidz on Farah – “Better learn to switch things up cause this man always comes prepared. Amazing defensive users and always wants the best for his team”

Gabe on Farah – “Consistently 1 of the best user wrs in the league for the past 3+ maddens.. Didn’t have to stats to really show that this madden which is why he’s not higher. Also a great user on defense with tons of experience. I expect him to be much higher on this list next madden”

Realest on Farah – On Madden there is a ability called Film Study , If a VFL player were to have that ability it would be Farah. The true mastermind behind the success behind his lines consistent play over the past 2 Maddens.

EboK on Farah – “Great WR/LB but stats fell off heavily from M22 – M23. Would be much higher on list if he had stats.”


19) Hexied

EboK on Hexied – “Has high madden iq & is a Top 5 QB skill wise but is a tweak. Would be a top 5 DC as well. First shitter of the year award winner(imagine beating Breesuss to that award).”

Gabe on Hexied – “1 of the best players in the league skill wise but unfortunately doesn’t have the long term success to justify being higher. If he can be consistent going forward I don’t see how he’s not in the top 10 at worst”

Koolaidz on Hexied –  “Personally had some tough matchups versus this guy, easily knows how to pick apart any defense. Crumbles though during clutch moments”

Farah on Hexied – He is his own worst enemy. When he plays, he can be an extremely dominant QB. But he barely played in the league this madden. If he played a full 4 seasons and didn’t quit or get suspended, he would be much higher

Realest on Hexied – Good player but whenever it matters he folds , Whenever it comes to a matchup that matters he always ” has the wrong playbook ” Never lived up to the expectations he put on himself


18) Shady on Xbox

Realest on Shady – Shady is a overall good user defensive at LB or DB , I think he is better off when hes not playing next to Fear as long as hes with Fear the offense is obviously with no surprise factor.

Koolaidz on Shady – “Can easily lurk opponents or give you a solid 200 at RB just put the man in the right position. Having Fear at QB is holding this man back”

Farah on Shady – Shady has been victim of stacked boxes all madden long but yet he still continues to produce on offense and he consistently is one of the best users on defense.

Gabe on Shady – “By far 1 of the most well rounded and skilled players in the league. I have confidence in him to do pretty much anything. Didn’t have as much success this madden as we are used to seeing from him which is why he’s not higher but skill wise he’s up there with any1”

EboK on Shady – “One of the best RB/LB/DB users in the league but his stats are ASS this madden.”

17) Redwater

Gabe on Redwater – “Very good overall user with ability to play high level at basically every position aside from qb. Has been a staple in the community for over 10 years now and is still producing.”

Realest on Redwater – Good player for a line 2 , Does well at RB and WR and this madden made the transition from LB to DL where he seemed to be more comfortable , Stat Sheet Guy!

EboK on Redwater – “Good RB/WR/DL user & won WRoty.”

Koolaidz on Redwater – “LB god turned into DL demon. Great personality and always knows how to produce at a high level, an amazing addition to any squad”

16) ungluedtiger

Farah on Tiger – Tiger is one of the best RBs in the league and shows that ability is sometimes more important than availability

Gabe on Tiger – “1 of the best rbs In the league who does not get as much credit as he should. Constantly produces elite #s every season no matter who he is using. I’m a fan”

Realest on Tiger – Always puts up great numbers at running back , mid defensively in my opinion. Always seemed like a ME ME ME type of guy but overall one of the better RBs in the league

EboK on Tiger – “Top 5 RB skill wise but never won an award. Would be higher if he did.”

Koolaidz on Tiger  – “Shitcan <3”

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