VFL Top 25 Players ( 21-25 )

VFL Top 25 Players

This is a list of what 4 others players and myself within the community think are the Top 25 players from this Madden which includes seasons 6 ,7 , 8 , 9. I would like to starting by thanking Farah , Gabe , Koolaidz and EboK for taking time to help with this process. There was a point system based on where you got ranked on all 5 voters.  Starting with players ranked 21-25!


25)- King LoGiiC

EboK on Logiic – “Logic has high madden iq but isn’t confident in himself. Which holds him back in game.”

Farah on Logiic – “Solid player who definitively benefited from playing with 2 top players and had a big season at DL thanks to realest’s defense.”

Gabe on Logiic – “Should be alot higher based on his skill but hasn’t put together enough consistency. If he can build off this season I could see him shooting up the list”

Realest on Logiic – Has a very high IQ for the game , Lack of confidence in himself which translates to his play at time will always hold him back from reaching his full potential.



Gabe on Nate – “Extremely underrated. Very well rounded skill player and a solid DC, can’t ask for much more than that.”

EboK on Nate – “Good RB/DL & decent DC. Hucci was scared to face him in the bowl.”

Realest on Nate – Nate can fit on any roster ,  Hes a plug and play type of player , Gonna give you solid numbers at RB and always gonna be a quality line 2 DC


23) – Areis21

Farah on Areis  – “Areis consistently puts up stats at DB and routinely has one of the tougher defenses in Madden to face thanks to his DB user skill”

EboK on Areis – “Hated by mostly everyone in the league but is a good WR/DB & decent DC.”

Gabe on Areis – ” ppl might not want to hear this but he is 1 of the best dbs in the league and has shown consistency at the position for over 10 years now. Hes obviously doing something right. “

Realest on Areis – Adapted this madden , always gonna get interceptions. For someone who doesn’t touch the game outside of VFL games his numbers are always solid


22) – Swift AP

Realest on Swift AP – Really improved over the past few seasons ,  Over the past 2 seasons hes lead the AP boys to new heights and have given them a name in the community ,  much respect!

Gabe on Swift AP – ” very impressed with swift and the AP boys as a whole. Imo they as a unit are the most improved line I’ve maybe ever seen and it starts with swift. I expect him to move up this list pretty quickly”

EboK on Swift AP – “Beat me twice in the offs. Nuff said.”


21) – Critical Telos

Gabe on Telos – ” another underrated guy. Just handles business no matter the assignment and has been a big part of 2 championship teams. Telos is absolutely the kind of player you want on your team”

Koolaidz on Telos – “Call him Mr. 6th man. Consistent role player that has contributed for two Super Bowl squads. Regardless where you put him he’ll get good rushing stats.”

EboK on Telos – “Won 2 rings & is a borderline top tier RB. Glue guy.”

Realest on Telos – As Travis Scott said ” Who put this shit together I’m the glue ” This is the guy you want on your roster , Team Player and just wants to help the team win.


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