With the conclusION of szn 9, the vfl hits an OFF-SEASON lull until september. to give the active users of the community a chance to still compete, we are holding a 8-TEAM DOUBLE-ELIMINATION tournament: hosted by highwalkr & Ibprofam.

GAMEPLAY: Current VFL gameplay rules will apply, but meta man blitzes (Spinner, DB Fire, Over Storm Brave) will be limited to 3 times a drive- If stream proof is submitted of said rule break, the game will be replayed. This also applies to any other VFL rules broken! 

TOURNAMENT STRUCTURE: Double elimination, with each round being designated TIER 1 or TIER 2 teams allowed for use- Round 1 will start with TIER 2 TEAMS- you can only use a team once TOTAL: Tiers listed below: 

TIER 1 : Ravens, Bengals, Browns, Chargers, Cowboys, Eagles, Chiefs, Bills, Packers, Buccaneers. TIER 2: Dolphins, Jaguars, WFT, Raiders, Broncos, Lions, Vikings, 49ers, Cardinals, Seahawks,

Scheduling & Format: The tournament starts July 10th and will conclude on July 16th. Open scheduling as followed- Owners will be invited to the tournament discord and responsibility for setting up game times falls on them solely- The cutoff date for Round 1 games will be July 11th 11:59pm CENTRAL TIME. The cutoff for Round 2 will be July 13th 11:59 pm CENTRAL TIME. The cutoff for Round 3 will be July 15th at 11:59pm CENTRAL. Championship round will take place on the 16th- The finalist from the Double Elimination bracket will have to beat the top seed TWICE, the top seed only needs to beat the team from the Double elimination bracket ONCE. 

OWNERS/SUBS: Initial owners have already been contacted and pre-selected, they are the following users: 1) Brady, 2) AP Boys, 3) CG Lurker, 4) CG Lucky, 5) Nate, 6) Ibprofam, 7) TheRealKobe, the 8th and final spot/owner is still being determined- If you would like to apply, please contact Highwalkr.  A line is allowed 1 sub that can play ANY position, but they must be registered with your team by the 7th and they WILL NOT RECEIVE prize money. 

ENTRY FEE: 10$ will have to be paid by July 7th to qualify for tournament, this is a one time entry fee for your entire line, each individual will NOT have to pay, Owners can either pay for his line or ask his teammates to split the entry fee. 

PRIZES: EACH user of the winning line will receive $69.99 (Copy of M24)





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