VFL Top 25 Players (11-15 )

VFL top 25 players

This is a list of what 4 others players and myself within the community think are the Top 25 players from this Madden which includes seasons 6 ,7 , 8 , 9. I would like to starting by thanking Farah , Gabe , Koolaidz and EboK for taking time to help with this process. There was a point system based on where you got ranked on all 5 voters. Here are players ranked 11-15!


15) F34R Painkiller

Realest on Fear – If Fear would focus on just being a skill position player instead of QB he probably would have been ranked higher. In my personal opinion was snubbed of MVP SZN 7.

Gabe on Fear –  “Great rb dl who can flex to qb if he needs to. Has some very impressive seasons under his belt and has been a quality player in the league every season. Could be higher if he truly masters rb or qb.. Splitting time might be holding him back from his ceiling at both. 

Koolaidz on Fear – Even though he’s sold me in a couple of MUT super bowls and in VFL playoffs I still consider him a very solid skill position player. Great users on defense just please get offff QB.

Farah on Fear – Stick to RB. Stop making Shady suffer. One of the better RB and DL users when he plays those positions. His QB play holds his ranking back even tho he can win a solid amount of games at QB. When he sticks to his plan and doesn’t compound mistakes, he is okay at QB and knows how to game manage.

EboK on Fear – “I viewed RPO Painkiller as a COMPLETE SHITTER on madden 22 but this madden he was able to put together 2 good seasons with Chubb/Garrett & Mixon/Hendrickson. RPO Painkiller still sucks ASS at QB tho.”


14) Northsidez

Gabe on North – ” 1 of the best rbs and dl in the league. Has terrorized opposing teams on both sides of the ball every season and is a staple name in the community. I think in many peoples eyes, his success Is tied to brady, which to a degree Is understable.. But the fact is he shows up every season and balls out on both sides. Can’t ask for much more

EboK on North – “Decent RB & solid DL user. Could’ve been a B2B champ but ran from the grind with Breesuss “

Realest on North – I thought North was a better player in M22 then he was this Madden , Numbers overall took a hit these past 2 seasons but still one of the most productive players in the league

Farah on North – He and Brady have consistently been one of the best dynamic duos on madden, and it continued on madden 23. North might not have the RB stats that he did on last madden because he did not get the same amount of touches, but he has become a very strong DL presence to pair with one of the best coverage LBs in the VFL.

Koolaidz – One of the best when it comes to DL. Has game knowledge and just wants to win.


13) Koolaidz

Realest on Koolaidz – If your a running back this is the QB you want to be paired with , Very excellent game manager and a good user is coverage , would like to see him take the next step becoming a elite QB.

EboK on Koolaidz – “Solid QB & great DB user. Koolaidz is the best game manager QB. This madden he adopted the Fatisland defense by usering the outside corner & catches QBs off guard(had Drock seeing ghosts).”

Farah on Koolaidz – This man has come a long way since Tiger and Kavious demanded that Beaste bench him in the season 5 playoffs for Blunkey. On any day, he can be one of the best QBs in the league or lose to lucky in a play-in game. You never know what you are going to get, but his DB play is always one of the best in the league every season

Gabe on Koolaidz – “1 of the very best defensive users in the entire league. He is also the most efficient game manager at qb perhaps the league has ever seen. Boasting impressive win % and well rounded stats at the qb position. If he could build off his efficiency and show a little more aggression as a qb, I believe he could be a top 5 talent.


12) Champ

Farah on Champ – The man gets online, throws 3 passes in practice mode, and then proceeds to win plenty of games before not touching the game for a week. He barely plays but he is problem to stop when he is locked in. He went 9-2 in the playoffs on this Madden and changed the narrative about winning playoff games. If he takes the next step and wins a Super Bowl, he is right there with anyone. Didn’t have the insane passing stats this Madden since he used run heavy teams for 2 seasons

Gabe on Champ – ” Ole reliable! Has been a namestay in the community for quite some time and still just keeps winning. His statistical production has declined a bit from what we are used to seeing from champ, but he is still providing high level qb play and pulling out Ws. Solid user on defense aswell. I think if champ really dedicates to learning the meta he could forsure return to his former glory as top option at qb.

EboK on Champ – “A locked in champ would be a top 5 QB/DB. If he won the SB with the Eagles he would’ve been bumped up on the list for sure.”

Realest on Champ – Champ is my 2nd favorite QB to play Madden against , I know the film study is going to be there so its important to execute defensively when the time comes because Champ and his line will always be prepared on whats coming. Changed the narrative that they don’t win playoff games this Madden because last Madden was a let down come playoff time.

Koolaidz on Champ – If this man p r a c t i c e s he could def be tiers higher. Expect great DB play from him and his ability to end seasons with great winning records due to his game management.


11) Abyss

Gabe on Abyss – ” The former GOAT…. Still every bit the talent he’s always been as a qb/lb but just didn’t quite have the consistency this madden as he did on previous installments.. The 1 season he was truly locked in he produced the magic that we all came to love from abyss. If he can just stay consistent and engaged I don’t see why he can’t get back to being a top 3 player in the league

EboK on Abyss – “Was considered the “GOAT” on madden 22 but fell off by his standards on madden 23. He’s one of the best QB/LB users for sure but only played 2.25 seasons this year. Would probably be top 5 in this rankings if he played all of M23. Does Abyss need realest to win?”

Koolaidz on Abyss – This man has money plays on deck and is one of the best QB’s out there in the league. Not to mention very great defensive users too. If he hadn’t retired he could also easily be ranked higher.

Farah on Abyss – Madden 22 legend and still had a lot of success on this madden. You can always count on him to win games. He would have been higher if he didn’t quit on his team last season because they would have been a tough out in the playoffs with the QB room that they had assembled. He has consistently been one of the best players in the league for a while, and I hope a new Madden brings him back to the league. He will surely be higher on a list next madden if he plays every season.

Realest on Abyss – To the standards that everyone holds him too it was a let down , Only really had one real “Abyss” level season. Hoping for Abyss to return to VFL and most importantly return back to his 2x MVP form. If a having a let down gets your ranked 11th in the league that tells you how good of a player he is.



Who will be top 10??????

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