VFL Top 25 Players ( 6-10 )

VFL Top 25 players

This is a list of what 4 others players and myself within the community think are the Top 25 players from this Madden which includes seasons 6 ,7 , 8 , 9. I would like to starting by thanking Farah , Gabe , Koolaidz and EboK for taking time to help with this process. There was a point system based on where you got ranked on all 5 voters. Here are players ranked 6-10!


10) Willy

EboK on Willy – “Decent RB & top tier DL user. Had a great szn with the Bills but didn’t do much after that. His biggest downfall was not having a consistent QB this madden.”

Gabe on Willy – “1 of the best rbs in the league and a game changing DL user. Hasn’t had the astronomical production that he started off madden 23 with but he’s still been very effective despite not ideal circumstances. We have seen willy in a good situation and it was utter domination on both sides of the ball. I’m hopeful we’ll see more of that willy going forward.”

Realest on Willy – Willy with the right cast of players can be a wrecking force in the league as you seen Season 6 winning MVP , RBOTY and DLOTY. He has been top 3 at both RB and DL overall this Madden.

Farah on Willy – Consistently a good DL and RB user. His MVP season as a non-QB was very impressive and is very difficult to accomplish in the VFL.

Koolaidz on Willy – This man been around since day 1 and has consistently been a great player which speaks volumes. Very solid RB/DL that deserved to edge out the top 10.


9) TxJamesSmith

Realest on James – James might be the best regular season player in the VFL . With a regular season record of 21-2 thats great but for me playoffs matter. If he had more playoff success I would guess he cracks the top 10.

EboK on James – “James was the first person to go 12-0 in a szn & dominated with Herbert for 2 szns until playoffs. Heard he has nightmares about TMOs nickel over pinch blitz.”

Gabe on James – “Has quite the resume in his short time on this madden. Undefeated season and mvp. Only person that can lay claim to that. Elite qb when he’s committed. Hopefully he is more active going forward, if so I imagine he’ll be in the top 5.”

Koolaidz on James – Probably has one of the best records in the league this madden. JamesSmith and his guys are definitely a force not to be reckoned with. There are some concerns though with his S.O.S. and playoff success that prevents him from being ranked higher

Farah on James – He is a regular season legend who puts stats and will get you 10+ wins every season. He would be much higher on this list if he wasn’t 1-5 in the playoffs this madden. There is a stigma that he only bum hunts based on his season with Johnny giving him all the surefire win games, but he is still a better QB than 90% of the league regardless of what people say or his strength of schedule. I think if he makes a return next madden, he will be looking for ways to change that playoff narrative.

8) Gabe

Koolaidz on Gabe – Another individual that has been in the league from the beginning. Jack-of-all-trades, underrated killer. Imo one of the best skill players the league has to offer. How this man managed to end up on ebok’s squad for so cheap every season does not make sense to me

Realest on Gabe – Easily one of the most talented players in the league , if Gabe put in the time to become a DC he would have insane value around the league instead of being a 1 to 2 mil player over the time of this Madden.

Farah on Gabe – One of the best WRs to ever do it and a dangerous player to play against when he is paired with Ebok. Gabe has so much versatility and has consistently been good and put up solid stats regardless of his position.

EboK on Gabe – “Best RB & WR user in the league & had the best statistical szn for a DB ever. B2B champ.”


7) Tmo

Realest on Tmo – Tmo defense has caused havoc this Madden for QBs around the league. When James was 12-0 Tmo ended his undefeated streak in the playoffs by beating him 2 times in one series. If you need a guy on the team who is willing to help the team improve and prepare for games Tmo is who you want.

Gabe on Tmo – ” has some how become underrated despite 2 magnificent superbowl performances. Has always been a top dc on this madden and 1 of the more skilled user wrs. Has been a staple in the community for 10+ years and boasts that madden iq you would expect from some 1 with that kind of experience. Doesn’t have the stats or awards you would expect from an elite player but when it comes to winning and a desire to win, you won’t find any1 more committed to that than Tmo. He is the whole package and is as valuable to a team as you can be without being a qb.”

EboK on Tmo – “Top tier WR/LB/DC in the league. Can argue he hard carried his lines both times he won this madden(Eagles/Cowboys). I think if TMO had a consistent QB he’d be higher on this list.
Is TMO the real route tech?
B2B champ.”

Farah on Tmo – On Madden 23, he was a top 5 DC, Top 5 LB, and top 10 WR. Combine that with winning multiple Super Bowls, and that is how Tmo finds himself at this spot. He might not have been a number one line on any of his super bowl winning teams, but he always knows how to position himself for success and help his team get wins.

Koolaidz on Tmo – One of the top DC’s within the league, a player that always comes prepped. Knows how to find the open field as WR. Great voice to have in the locker room and always communicates during the game in order to help his team succeed.


6) Hucci

EboK on Hucci – “Hucci is a top tier QB/DC with high madden iq but struggles without SFL/PLE. If he learns how to use the non velocity QBs & to trust his users next madden he could see himself potentially cracking the top 5 on this list for M24.
3 peated.
Highwalkers son.”

Farah on Hucci – Hucci might not care about his electric bill with the number of hours his Xbox is left on to accumulate almost half a year of play time on Madden 23, but no one can question his skill at QB or his 3 Super Bowls this madden. He is certainly more dependent on throwing abilities than some of the other QBs ranked above, but he found ways to win playoff games when he didn’t have them. Man just knows how to win when it matters. Season 9 probably hurt his ranking for retiring mid season, but he is still one of the better players in the league

Koolaidz on Hucci – Hucc Cuch, I love saying that. This man comes up big time during playoffs and is a w i n n e r. Big props on having three superbowl rings under his name this madden. Easily has the game knowledge to take his teams to the next level.

Realest on Hucci – Hucci is simply a winner when it comes to Madden 23 , 3 rings 1 at DC and 2 QB. One struggle for Hucci was playing without on of the top QB with a passing ability. Outside of that #6 spot for Hucci is more then deserving.

Gabe on Hucci – “Winner….. Point blank period… He has 3 chips out of 4 on this madden. Slice it however you want but Hucci is a winner and got it done as a DC and 2x as a qb. Both of which he had stretches of dominance at. If he can show a little more consistency at qb regardless of who he is using than I believe he is a top 5 player in the league.”



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