VFL Top 25 Players ( 1-5 )

VFL Top 25 Players

This is a list of what 4 others players and myself within the community think are the Top 25 players from this Madden which includes seasons 6 ,7 , 8 , 9. I would like to starting by thanking Farah , Gabe , Koolaidz and EboK for taking time to help with this process. There was a point system based on where you got ranked on all 5 voters. Here are players ranked 1-5! Below it will also show the exact order everyone voted. Hope you all enjoyed!


5) PonchySwag

EboK on Ponchy – “Top 2 QB in the league. High madden iq. Would be higher if he played more than 1.5 seasons. I would like to see Ponchy DC for a szn.”

Realest on Ponchy – Only QB Ive seen take a good 2 to 3 month break from the game come back for 2 to 3 days and have a scheme ready to break VFL single season passing records , If he put in more seasons he would probably be top 2 or 3.

Gabe on Ponchy – “Speaks volumes to how talented ponchy is that every 1 had him as a top 5 player with basically 1.5 seasons out of 4 on this madden. But that’s ponchy for you. Incredible talent, when locked in he’s a top 2 qb in league. 1 of the most intelligent madden players in the league and has been for years. Hopefully he is here to stay because the league is a much better place when ponchy is on top of his game. “

Farah on Ponchy – The most annoying QB in the league to call defense against. You always have to keep Ponchy on his toes because if he gets a consistent read on your defense then you are about to get cooked. He might not have the greatest user skills compared to some of the the other top 5, but his play designs and decision-making at QB are great. He would have been higher up this list if he would have played more seasons, but his season with Skylar Thompson was insane.

Koolaidz on Ponchy – You know someone called me an off brand Ponchy once and I still laugh about it till this day. Jokes aside, this man is def a Top 3 QB imo & can pick apart your defense with his eyes closed. Solid users on the defensive side of things too. Bouncing off something Farah had said, his performance with Thompson was very impressive. 


4) Woohdy V2

Realest on Woohdy – The top running back this madden without a question. MVP , 2 RBOTY awards and a superbowl to go along with it. Woohdy went from not being able to stay on a roster last Madden to ranked 4th. So inspirational!!!! Mr 3rd & 15

EboK on Woohdy – “Woohdy was able to stay on rosters this year & had the best madden out of all RBs. Still the only player to make a pro bowl as an ECU(happened szn 5 M22).”

Gabe on Woohdy – “Proved to be 1 of the most impactful non qbs in all of madden 23. Was statistically the best rb over the game cycle and proved to be an elite user on defense. Won mvp and b2b rboty on top of being a dboty finalist. Woohdy did it all this madden and always found ways to keep his team competitive and in every game. True gamechanger who redefined the value of a user rb.”

Farah on Woohdy – Best RB in the league in Madden 23. He put up numbers every season and he was a force running the ball. He certainly had some great RBs to use, but he capitalized on that every season. It will be interesting to see if that carries over to Madden 24.

Koolaidz on Woohdy – Best RB in the league, feed him the rock 25-30 times and you win. Loved watching this man get a first down on 3rd & 30 with Kenneth Walker. Also very good at DB which really elevates him on the list. Big props winning MVP and getting b2b RBOTY.


3) Realest260

EboK on Realest – “Top DC & elite madden iq. I think people found out he doesn’t need Abyss to win. I would like to see Realest play a full szn at QB.”

Gabe on Realest – ” the most valuable non qb in all of madden 23. Revolutionized DC play with his elite madden iq that was giving opposing qbs fits due to his constant adjustments and willingness to be different. Does not have the stats or awards like other ppl this high on the list but the real know his skill level with the ball. If given the chance he could easily be a perennial mvp candidate at wr, rb or even qb (which might be his best position). He’s also a top 3 user in the league on defense as well.. frankly there isn’t anything realest can’t do on madden and he is more than deserving of a top 3 spot.”

Farah on Realest  – One of the most versatile and consistent players in the league. He is one of the best DCs in the league. It will be interesting to see if he brings back the dynamic duo of Abyss and Realest on Madden 24

Koolaidz on Realest – #1 DC in the league, not someone you will ever enjoy going up against. Deep madden knowledge from his experience in MUT and is definitely a player you want on your team if you want to win a SB. Just know Realest I’ll get my dub against you come M24.


2) IR Brady

Koolaidz on Brady – Top 2 QB in the league as long as he doesn’t use Watson. Brady can easily thrash lesser skilled opponents and knows how to game manage when playing equal comp. One of the top 2 lurkers at LB apart from Abyss. SB under his belt and has been up for MVP voting multiple times. Def deserves #2.

Realest on Brady – Everyone knows at this point what Brady is capable of on both sides of the ball. A top 3 QB and one of if not the best linebacker in the VFL. I would probably say Brady is the true definition of a hard carry.

Farah on Brady – Coach brady is one of the best QBs and the best LB in the VFL. Man wins a lot of games and always puts his team in a position to succeed.

Gabe on Brady – ” Mr..consistency.. Brady is the model of consistency in the vfl. Has been nothing short of exceptional on both sides of the ball since he joined the league and that didn’t change 1 bit during the course of madden 23. He accomplished everything you could possibly want, winning multiple qboty, lboty, line of the year going undefeated, winning a sb. You name it , Brady did it. He is no doubt a top 3 player in the league and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. “

EboK on Brady – “Top tier QB/LB. Brady is one of the very few players who have to hard carry both sides of the ball to consistently win.”


1) EboK

Realest on EboK – Was without a question the number 1 ranked player this Madden. Not only was he a high level player on the field but he consistently put together the best roster 2 seasons in a row as a owner and was apart of a 3 peat. Kuhrow is probably rattled about this

Gabe on EboK – ” a wise man once said last year that if given the opportunity, ebok would be an mvp level player and a future superstar. Well ebok got his chance this year, playing qb for all of madden 23. What did he do with that opportunity? Won 3 out of 4 sbs, dominated every season statistically regardless of who he was using, set the offensive meta on multiple occasions and was an elite user on defense every season. Ebok Is the face of the league and unquestionably the best qb on top of being a top 3 DC and all around great user who could in reality be top 3 at any position if he wanted. He’s come a long way from being the troll of the league .”

Farah on EboK – The DJ Khaled of the VFL. Can be annoying, a bit of troll, but all he does is win. Ebok is one of the best QBs in the league and can be one of the best DCs in the league when he wants to switch it up. I am curious to see if he starts off at DC or QB on madden 24 but he was the clear cut best player on Madden 23 when you combine stats and winning the Super Bowl.

Koolaidz on EboK – I’m thankful I have never allowed 500 against this man. But to be an owner and go triple back 2 back 2 back SB winner like come on, that is I n S a n E. From the success as an owner and a player ebok is the obvious #1 for this madden.

Everyone who voted top 25 List

Gabe List
1 eboK
2 Brady
3 Realest
4 Woohdy
5 Hucci
6 Ponchy
7 Gabe
8 Tmo
9 TXJames
10 Willy
11 Abyss
12 Koolaidz
13 Champ
14 Fear
15 North
16 Farah
17 Tiger
18 Redwater
19 Nate
20 Swift AP
21 Hexied
22 Shady
23 Boxing
24 Telos
25 Accountant

Farah List

  1. Ebok
  2. Brady
  3. Ponchy
  4. Realest
  5. Woohdy
  6. Hucci
  7. Gabe
  8. Tmo
  9. champ
  10. abyss
  11. Jamessmith
  12. North
  13. Areis
  14. Willy
  15. Shady
  16. Accountant
  17. Tiger
  18. Redwater
  19. Hexied
  20. Koolaidz
  21. Telos
  22. Fear
  23. Boxing
  24. Trust Ap
  25. Beaste

Ebok list
1 eboK
2 Realest
3 Brady
4 Woohdy
5 Ponchy
7 Hucci
8 TXjames
9 Gabe
10 Fear
11 Willy
12 Abyss
13 Koolaidz
14 Champ
15 North
16 Tiger
17 Redwater
18 Hexied
19 Nate
20 Swift AP
21 Logic
22 Farah
23 Shady
24 Telos
25 Accountant

Realest Top 25.

  1. EboK
  2. Brady
  3. Realest
  4. Tmo
  5. Ponchy
  6. Hucci
  7. Woohdy
  8. James Smith
  9. Willy
  10. Gabe
  11. Fear
  12. Koolaidz
  13. Champ
  14. Abyss
  15. Critcal Telos
  16. North
  17. Redwater
  18. UngluedTiger
  19. Logic
  20. Shady
  21. Farah
  22. Areis
  23. Hexied
  24. Accountant
  25. Sacrifice

Koolaidz Top 25

  1. ebok
  2. Brady
  3. Realest
  4. Woohdy
  5. Ponchy
  6. Hucci
  7. TMO
  8. Gabe
  9. James
  10. Willy
  11. Abyss
  12. Koolaid
  13. Champ
  14. North
  15. Tiger
  16. Redwater
  17. Farah
  18. Swift
  19. Shady
  20. Hexied
  21. Logic
  22. Telos
  23. Fear
  24. Nate
  25. Sacrifice

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