New Deputy Commish Interview

An Interview by Media Director @CG LU12KER

Koolaid was recently named a deputy commissioner and I’ve known him for a long time, I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to get to know him some and ask him a few questions about the upcoming VFL season and madden in general so some of the newer guys in the league can get to know him some or even if some people who have been here a while just don’t know Koolaid too well.

I’d like to congratulate him on becoming staff, as a former staff member myself I hope he is prepared for the tasks he will be faced with. I also believe he has what it takes to handle his new position and responsibilities well!

Below we have the questions and answers for the Koolwhip Island interview, hope you enjoy!

1. What was your main reasoning to becoming staff this season?

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in some fashion within the league. Whether that is being an owner or media I’ve always enjoyed having a role within the league. Also, I’ve been around for such a long time and have never really tried being a staff member so I just said fuqqqqq it, let me hit up the current staff and see if they are willing to onboard me. With my tenure/experience it was an easy decision to induct me and I’m eager to contribute as best as I can.”

2. What do you think you bring to the prime time leagues staff that others may not see?

“I have a lot of time on my hands as of recent, I’m able to answer any questions new players may have and be able to assist them get familiar with the discord and our website. I bring a mindset of wanting everyone involved and having their name/voice heard. I’ve already gone ahead and with my first order of business as staff created the FA pool spreadsheet to assist potential owners in finding players that they can recruit to their squad. Since I’ve played Madden for a long time, I feel I can be a good judge when it comes to determining new gameplay rules. We know what causes an unfair playing advantage such as looping/smoke screen streak and I’m ready to help staff figure out what rules need to be implemented for M24. I feel I’m someone who can easily track things, so during the season I will be able to track game times, post live stream links, provide reminders, etc, etc. Lastly, I will be blunt when it comes to decision making for ticket’s, FF’s, suspensions. I feel we’ve given the community too much leeway the past few seasons and there will be certain things we need to do a better job of cracking down on which I will assist with.”

3. With all these new rule changes to the league and madden having cross play now there’s a lot to be excited for, what would you say you are most hyped about?

“This new structure is a refreshing change which I hope will result in the league growing. I’m really excited for our numbers to go up similar to how they were during the league arena days. Who knows, we might even exceed those numbers! We get to see the level of comp PlayStation and PC players bring which I hope will result in a multitude of exciting games for the community to watch. “

4. What is your favorite NFL team?

“Hol hol up, we demmmmmmmmmm. Yea”

5. What team on madden are you looking forward to using the most?

“Honestly I’ll give two answers for this one. The first team I’d be excited to play with is the Jets because I feel they’re a team with a crazy amount of potential. You’ve got Sauce, D.J. Reed, Guidry (96 SPD), Amos all in the secondary who I would love to use in VFL games. You got Rodgers at QB with a ton of targets at WR and I’m also sure you could get pretty glitchy w/ Breece Hall (93 SPD, 92 ACC). The second team would definitely have to be the Ravens. I just want games where I can scramble a ton and make plays outside the numbers.

6. They say the high bullet is NERFED next madden, how do you think that will affect the league?

“It will affect the league such that OC’s in this league must learn how to adjust. This involves being able to have a successful running game, actually take the time to find good plays where the blocking isn’t janky. They must also start getting accustomed to throwing to the users. Going up against 3 users in coverage is not an easy feat and user WR’s can definitely become your most valuable asset. S/O Gabe I prob threw it up to him like 30 times in 6 games this past season participating in the 3FL. Those who adjust the earliest will be set up for success, those who have a history of only throwing to the CPU and relying on HB’s during tough times (I am guilty of this) I’m warning y’all right now to start adjusting your playstyle a bit”

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