Top Ten Teams for Season 1 of the VFL on Madden 24

Team Selection is going to be a completely new, dynamic system in the VFL on Madden 24. VFL teams are going to be able to freely select the NFL team they want to use in each game, and matchups are going to be more important than ever. Here are the teams we think will be the most used in Season 1 of the new VFL. 


1 – Chiefs

There are five 99 overall players in Madden 24 and the Chiefs have two of them in Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce. Players like Kadarius Toney, MVS and Isaiah Pacheco form an elite, and very user friendly, supporting cast around their two superstars. The offensive line is very good, Chris Jones is 96 overall and the defensive backs are very fast. The Chiefs should be one of the most contested teams in Season One. 


2 –  Bills

This might be a controversial spot, but the Bills might be one of the strongest teams in Madden 24. Josh Allen is one of two QBs who have access to the diving throw animation. This animation was elite in the beta, and it may make the Bills an elite offense. The defense lost a big piece in Tremaine Edmunds, but their offensive line should be improved over last year.   


3 – Chargers

Another team that was a staple of Madden 23, the Chargers brought back all of their core offensive pieces (including Donald Parham Jr.) and should be solid again in Madden 24. Kahlil Mack has taken a steep drop in rating, but they added Eric Kendricks so the defense should be fine. 


4 – Jets

The J-E-T-S are finally relevant again baby, let’s go. Gang Green added about 15 former Packers and most of them are good in Madden. Aaron Rodgers is only an 86 overall, but I’m sure he’ll still have the best throwing animation in the game with a few great superstar abilities. This team is going to be really fun to use. 


5 – Bengals

Really solid team, but they’re also really boring. Joe Burrow doesn’t have the throw power of the other QBs, it’s only 87, and Ja’marr Chase doesn’t have the amazing physicals you’d hope from a high overall receiver. They didn’t make any major additions in the offseason and they lost Jessie Bates, so this isn’t going to be as good of a team as last year. The Bengals should still be a top-5 team, however, because of the falls of Green Bay and Tampa Bay. 



6 – Eagles

I’m guessing this will be the lowest spot the Eagles hold on our Team Power Rankings. This team is full of cracked players. Jalen Hurts is massively overrated, they retained almost all of their important players and they added some rookies that have some ridiculous physical attributes. 


7 – Dolphins

Tyreek Hill is the best offensive weapon in the game and is really the only reason this team is in the top-10 at all. Tua is still very mediocre, but the defense is very solid and will add 97 overall Jalen Ramsey once he returns from a torn meniscus. 


8 – Ravens

Lamar Jackson is still Lamar Jackson and his supporting cast is the best its ever been. This team should be regularly used in Madden 24, especially for QBs who know how to use scrambling QBs. 


9 – Browns

I’m not sure how the run game will play in Madden 24, but I believe that Nick Chubb will be able to succeed in any environment. Deshaun Watson is a scrub, but they kept their core intact and added a few big names like Za’Darius Smith and Juan Thornhill. 


10 – Patriots

You may be thinking that I’m just throwing the Patriots on here because I’m trying to fit all four AFC East teams on here, but the Pats might legitimately be the fastest and tallest team in the game. Tyquan Thornton is 6’2 with 96 speed, and they added two rookie CBs that have 95 speed in Ameer Speed and Isaiah Bolden. Speed is 6’3, Bolden is 6’2. Add them to 6’1, 93 speed Christian Gonzales and the Pats may be a surprising team in Madden 24. 

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