Ebok’s Team Analysis

An article by @SixthMallard and @PORK

The first team to be officially completed for the first season on Madden 24 we decided to do a deep dive on the stats and abilities this team has! Ebok obviously has the ability to build a strong team and this season does not look any different. Without further ado here’s our first full team for season one of madden 24!

Team Name – DCU 

Owner- eboKtsoP / @eboKtsoP 

Passing – 506 Completions, 810 Attempts, 62% Completion, 101 TDs, 44 INT.

Rushing – 85 Attempts, 356 Yards. 4.1 YPC, 8 TDs,1 FUM

Defense – 88 TFL, 12.5 Sacks, 24 INT, 6 PDEF, 6 FF, 1 Safety, 3 DTDs


Pork’s Analysis – Ebok returns to ownership, this time with a team he has created. Voted by the players as the #1 player in the VFL during madden 23, Ebok is known to be one of the toughest guys to face. Just looking at the stats, you can clearly see why he was voted one. To retain a 2.29/1 TD/INT ratio over 3 seasons is simply incredible. Combine Ebok’s amazing play and already clever ownership abilities with the new league structure and you’ve got potentially the most dangerous team.


GM / P1- I CPayne83 I / @l CPayne83 I 

Passing – 345 Completions, 540 Attempts, 64% Completion, 59 TD

Rushing – 141 Attempts, 1465 Yards, 10.4 YPC, 10 TDs, 2 FUM

Defense – 30 TFL, 0 Sacks, 50 INT, 27 PDEF, 5 FF, 16 DTDs


Pork’s Analysis – A known veteran of the VFL, Champ is known to be consistently a top guy. In fact he was a guy that was voted as the 12th best player this madden. Ebok actually said this about him when ranking him, “A locked in champ would be a top 5 QB/DB. If he won the SB with the Eagles he would’ve been bumped up on the list for sure.” Cleary Ebok is high on him and knew he was a guy he wanted as the other QB on this starting lineup.


P2 – Farah En Fuego / @Farah 

Receiving – 290 Receptions, 5680 Yards, 59 TDs,19.3 YPC, 2039 RAC

Defense – 29 TFL, 2 Sacks, 19 INT, 5 PDEF, 2 FF, 9 DTDs


Pork’s Analysis – The #20 ranked player of Madden 23, Farah is everything you can ask for in a WR/LB. Crazy to think Farah had a “down” madden and still is this high in the rankings. If he can return to his madden 22 self on a team like this. Watch out. 


P3 – F34R Painkiller / @F34R Painkiller 

Passing – 77 Completions, 153 Attempts, 11 TDs, 18 INTs

Rushing – 380 Attempts, 2877 Yards, 7.6 YPC, 32 TDs, 1 FUM

Defense – 267 TFL, 112 Sacks, 19 INT, 12 PDEF, 11 FR, 7 FR, 1 SFTY, 6 DTDs


Pork’s Analysis – A versatile player that is primarily a RB/DL but can slide in at the QB, Fear is a perfect fit on this roster. Another guy in the top 25, Fear is at #15 on the list. Seems like ebok wont be using him at QB though saying, “I viewed RPO Painkiller as a COMPLETE SHITTER on madden 22 but this madden he was able to put together 2 good seasons with Chubb/Garrett & Mixon/Hendrickson. RPO Painkiller still sucks ASS at QB though.” I think Fear will do just fine on this roster and more than likely lead the team in rushing.


P4 – DRockNation2 / @darionkeahey

Passing – 484 Completions, 754 Attempts, 64% Completion, 64 TDs, 66 INTs

Rushing – 64 Attempts, 512 Yards, 8 YPC, 7 TDs, 4 FUM

Defense – 28 TFL, 7.5 Sacks, 23 INT, 34 PDEF, 3 FF, 5 DTDs


Pork’s Analysis – Drock, we all know him, we all kinda love em, we all kinda hate how many times he pings us. A guy that led the league in passing last season and at times can be flashy. Not much more to say about em, he’s been playin with ebok and will fill his role here.


 P5 – Gabe iLy / @Gabe iLy

Rushing – 189 Attempts, 1356 Yards, 7.1 YPC, 15 TDs, 1 FUM

Receiving – 353 Receptions, 7031 Yards, 56 TDs, 19.9 YPC, 2363 RAC

Defense – 120 TFL, 32.5 Sacks, 41 INT, 38 PDEF, 7 FF, 12 DTDs


Pork’s Analysis – Coming in as the second highest rated guy on the team at #8, Gabe is a jack-of-all-trades. Ebok says it best, “Best RB & WR user in the league & had the best statistical szn for a DB ever. B2B champ.” Gabe is a great personality and fun guy to play with. He knows what he is doing at all times and knows to perform and win games. The peanut butter to Ebok’s Jelly, expect Gabe to be a top 5 player this year.


 P6 (sub) – Doc Holliday904 / @Doc

Rushing – 75 Attempts, 345 Yards, 4.6 YPC, 1 TD, 0 FUM

Receiving – 23 Receptions, 162 Yards, 1 TD, 7.0 YPC 99 RAC

Defense – 10 TFL, 4 Sacks, 1 FF 


Pork’s Analysis – Known sub for Ebok, Doc is a guy always there when you need him. Versatile guy that at the end of the day just wants the best for the team. Excited to see what he can do.


 P7 (sub) – CrAzY EFFeCTzzz / @CrAzY EFFeCTzzz

Receiving – 236 Receptions, 5070 Yards, 50 TDs, 21.5 YPC, 1264 RAC

Defense – 81 TFL, 35 Sacks, 1 INT, 1 FF


Pork’s Analysis – Solid backup option in Crazy. Think he will shock some people with the way he plays and rounds out this “superteam”

Pork’s Team Analysis – A team with 5 top 25 players, 2 in the top 10, this is clearly a superbowl contending team. Ebok is back at it with another masterclass and going to be a team that people hate to play. Dont know if i see this team losing a game but if they do it’d only be 1-2. With that being said, good luck to DCU hope yall have a great season!

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