First owner of the New VFL ” Fig “

Interview by Deputy Commish  ” Realest 260 ”


Today I decided to interview the first person to commit to being a owner in the new version of the VFL Fig. While Fig might be new to ownership he isn’t a new face in the community. Fig has been around for 10 plus year so it was only fitting a 10 year vet was the first to commit to being a owner.


Below I have some short questions and answers for Figgy Newton interview, hope you enjoy!


  1. With the new structure what made you decide to be the first person to commit to ownership?


” Honestly I did not know I was the first person committing to ownership lol. What prompted me to become an owner was that I’d prefer to have control of my team and give it my best shot because I’ll make all the calls and if that means win or lose then those decisions all fall on me. I want to be able to be a part of a team that’s united then ending up on a team that was bunched together because people were looking for pieces at the last minute. That doesn’t create a strong locker room, the locker room is huge and the packers season can attest to that. We had a good vibe the entire season even while we were doubted. That locker room was the twelfth man for us. With the new structure you get to bring your own guys and I’m not 100% sure who will be on my team but I know that I have the opportunity to bring in guys who want to be here and have guys that will show up and give it their all without pointing fingers if they take losses. I just want to build a good team and that starts with the foundation which I will be in charge of creating. “


  1. Seeing that the main thing your looking to do is build a roster of your liking , Are you look to bring players currently in the VFL or some new faces?

” It really depends, I know a lot of people from CFM who are dogs but I don’t know if it translates to 3v3. I’ll have to run some games and see how they run but I already have 3 guys that are VFL vets joining my team. VFL Vets bring back that nostalgia of the old seasons so we’ll have that to look forward to. “


    3. In this first season of Madden 24 what will you be looking to accomplish as an owner?


” Shittt, at least the playoffs. The beginning of madden there aren’t many Meta plays, maybe some glitchy stuff but overall it’s just pure talent when you start off the season so I’m looking forward to playing against guys that haven’t had a chance to lab up the bullshit. “


  4. What will set you apart from the other owners we bring on board?


” Probably my experience and knowledge of madden but honestly a lot of these owners are solid and have proven themselves over and over again so I’ll just be glad to be in good company lol “

  5. Being a VFL vet what’s one thing you would say to new owners/players?


” Make sure you have a solid locker room, people who like to play with one another and have chemistry, don’t force it. For new players in the league, this league is one of the best because it’s been around for so long and you have people who love it because of the community it creates and brings out that extra competitiveness in all of us. It’s a great league, some things I don’t personally agree with because they look suspect but overall you’re not going to find a more organized league so just enjoy it. “


As of now we are at 8 current owners for the upcoming season! Hope to see you all back on the virtual gridiron for Madden 24!


Current Owners

  1. Fig
  2. Ebok
  3. Utah Ap
  4. Lucky
  5. Tmo
  6. Kobe
  7. Beachmode
  8. Blunkey





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