CG Lucky’s Owner Interview

Lucky has been an owner in the league now for quite a few seasons, he was blacklisted a few seasons ago that turned into quite the phenomenon in the discord that lead to an entire chat wipe. He is also the self proclaimed top 5 QB in the league and his numbers do prove that and no matter how rough of a season he is having he always seems to come up but in crunch time. The owner of “unhinged users” CG lucky ladies and gents: 

Q: what made you want to return as an owner


A: “Honestly, me and the boys has some unfinished business. Me, Jacc, redhour, and brisket are 0-2 in SBs together but we are here to make a run at Ebok and win our first one together.” 


Q:  You’re always getting some type of hate for all the roster transactions you do each season, with the limited roster space this season and now a charge for transactions, do you see yourself repeating this trend?


A: “Honestly, I’m just the Jake Paul of the league and im cool with that. But no im loving my roster and plan on running this season with the team I have.”


Q:  Being an owner in the league and seeing all of the changes going on what are some things you like and dislike about the direction of the league?


A: “I like everything they have done but the whole using different teams. I’m not a fan of that, I understand why they have to do it because to make it even. But I’m not a fan of it.”


Q:  How did you find out about the league and what has kept you around for this long?


A: “Honestly I don’t know exactly how I found out about the league, it’s been so long. It has kept me around due to be realistic, as far as stats, owning and trades.”


Q:  With the discussion of hall of fame becoming a thing, who would be some of your nominees, imo nominations should be people who have done the most to help the league progress as well as made a name for themselves on the virtual field


A: “I think people like Ebok, realest, Brady, tmo, Northside. Is some people I would”


Q: The league for me is fun because of all the new people I’ve met and gotten to known that all like playing madden together. Who are some people you’ve met that you enjoy being around that you would not have met if it wasn’t for the league?


A: “Some people I have met due to the league and I consider them good friends is. Jacc, redhour, brisket, user(lurker), Ibprofam, accountant and fear.”


Q:  Who’s your favorite football team?


A: “Panthers. We suck ass but it’s okay”


With all that being said I’d like to thank CG Luckyy for his time conducting this interview with me and best of luck to him and his team next season! 


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