Ebok’s Owner Interview

Ebok was a dominant force last madden winning 3 of the four super bowls he really earned the right to be called the best player in the league. Possibly one of the better trolls in the discord and all around guru. He’s dabbled some in posting content for the league without a question I can see this man making it into the hall of fame. I caught up with ebok to pick his brain some and tried my best to not get trolled. Here’s how that went.


Q: You were the first owner to finish his team and at the time of this interview the only one. Do you think having your guys selected this early on gives you an advantage to other owners? Why or why not?

A: “I’ve been interested in teaming up with Farah & Champ since szn 4 of the VFL. So when champ told me he was locked in this madden I knew it was time to finally team up. Champ & Farah have been top end users for 2 maddens so I didn’t have to wait for the game to drop to lock in the roster.”

Q:  How many seasons have you been in the league and how did you hear about it?

A: “I joined the VFL szn 3 after Kuhrow & Breesuss begged me  to buy an xbox. So I’ve been in the league for 7 seasons.”


Q: You’re probably considered the best player in the league by a vast majority of people, do you just have a high football IQ or do you lab madden a lot?

A: “If you play sports games you don’t need a high iq in said sport. Just find what works & roll with it. You do need a decent amount of sport iq tho. Gabe has a high football iq & is an absolute shitter so…”

Q: What advice (if any) would you give to newer people coming into the league wanting to dominate the way you have?

A: “If you’re a DC you could spend 5 mins finding the best blitz on youtube & use it in game. Then you can sit in practice mode for another 5-10 mins learning how to quick adjust. If you’re a QB just look up the top playbooks on madden & pick one. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to learn the game. If you’re a person who doesn’t have much time you could load up practice mode for 15 mins a day or every other day & learn the game when you can.”

Q: You were an owner multiple seasons last madden, seeing the changes the league is taking what do you like and/ or dislike about the direction and why?

A: “I love the old VFL style of drafting a roster of players & trying to win but I understand people have been running the league for free for years & have dealt with nothing but headaches. I do think with the addition of cross play the “old” VFL would’ve improved but the “new” VFL has a much higher ceiling to bring in more players meaning there should be an increase to more competition. I’m cool with the direction the league is going but i would like to see the “old” VFL make a return one day.”

Q: For me the VFL has been appealing because I meet a lot of new people who have a common interest in madden. Has there been anyone you enjoy being around you met that you wouldn’t have without the VFL?

A:  “Hmmmm… i actually really enjoyed teaching Aceboogs chinese last season but theres only 1 person i dont like in the league & thats Gabe. Guy is just a random shitter that has won 0 awards in 9 seasons. It’s actually embarrassing when you think about it. Gabe wishes he could be the PB to my jelly…He aint no Breesuss!” 

Best of luck to ebok and his team this season! Hopefully the high ball is actually needed this time so we don’t see 3 more ebok rings!


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