Beachmode Owner Interview


Beachmode has been in the league for a few seasons now, he always brings a lighthearted attitude to chat and he always brings a line to play.  I personally hope we get more people like beachmode into the league. He rarely talks trash and shows up to his games to play! 

Q: You’ve been an owner in the past and I can say watching how much you progressed as a player from first season of madden 23 to the last was astounding! What’s your strategy being an owner this upcoming season?


A: “My main strategy is to build a team with chemistry and with users that are very active. I’m not one to take FFs so I want to make sure that streak continues”


Q: Being on your team one season I know you like to play to have fun, do you think some of that goes away and it becomes more competitive now that money is involved?


A: “Being competitive is fun. I just don’t like egos. I like the money aspect because it makes owners take the league seriously and now that they can bring their own teams all the excuses get thrown out the window. Money down makes for more activity because of the incentives.” 


Q:  For me the VFL has been appealing because I meet a lot of new people who have a common interest in madden. Has there been anyone you enjoy being around you met that you wouldn’t have without the VFL?


A: “There has been a lot of people I have definitely met in my time with the VFL. Lucky was the first owner to give me a starting role in the VFL and I thank him a lot for that opportunity and introducing me to users like Jacc, redhour & midnight who are always chill dudes to play with. I am fairly active in the CFM community so it was really cool to broaden the connections within the madden community.”


Q:  I see your team is pretty full already at the time of this interview, do all of your guys share a common goal of no egos and being competitive?


A: “I believe my team is definitely full of similar minded users. We want to win, but ultimately we want to be better every game. This team will always be there to run scrims and improve their craft with one another. I think the users on this roster will make each other better. This will be the first season I really have a GM with experience that will be there to help every step of the way and I can’t tell you how good that finally feels.”


Q: 5. How did you hear about the VFL and what advice would you give to newcomers in the league?


A: “I have been in leagues with Brownies, HuskyNuts, DirtyFalcon, Scalymangish for years and that group pulled me in. I would say for any newcomers is just go do your thing and be open to criticism. The community wants you to succeed even when the chat doesn’t always seem it.”


Q: How would you describe yourself to people who read this that do not know you well?#datingquestions


A: “I am very competitive, but also a very chill guy. I don’t quit no matter how bad things seem.”


Thank you Beach for your time and great responses! Best of luck to your team this upcoming season! 


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