The Unhinged Users Team Analysis – Can Luckyy make another run?

Luckyy’s Unhinged Users are the second team to complete and we’re breaking down the players on his roster. This is a solid team, with some great users, that should be relevant into the postseason. The consistency of the QBs is the main concern, but there’s a ton of upside with Luckyy and Lurker. We’ve compiled the relevant Madden 24 stats for every player and @Hucci has provided some analysis for us! 


  • Team Name: Unhinged Users


  • Owner: @CG Luckyy / CG Luckyy – (23-24)

Passing: 480-746, 64% Completion, 66 TDs, 63 INTs

Defense: 67 TFLs, 14.5 Sacks, 60 INTs, 51 PDEF, 4 FF, 14 DTDs, 1 KRTD


Hucci’s Analysis – Statistically Lucky is middle of the pack at QB. From my perspective though I think Lucky has the fastest read through progressions time in this league. Lucky may struggle here and there but he is always a hell game.


  • GM: P1: @CG LU12KER / CG Lu12ker – (23-15)

Passing: 246-387, 4528 PYards, 29 TDs, 39 INTs

Defense: 40 TFLs, 8 Sacks, 24 INTs, 14 PDEFs, 1 FF, 5 DTDs


Hucci’s Analysis – This guy is a game manager. Pounding the rock and keeping the defense in the box is the gameplan. He’s not gonna dot you up but Camaro is a tough go because of his ability to keep the ball and clock moving.


  • P2: @The Brisket / The Brisket49 – (15-19)

Receiving: 225 Rec, 4,457 Yards, 19.8 YPC, 28 TDs, 564 RAC

Defense: 18 TFLs, 13 INT, 6 PDEF, 5 DTDs 


Hucci’s Analysis – Brisket is a solid DC and a serviceable wideout. If he’s rocking the 3-3-5 wide still he might be hell because it is very powerful this Madden.


  • P3: @The Accountant (CPA) / The Accountant 28-17

Rushing: 291 Attempts, 1867 Yards, 6.4 YPC, 16 TDs

Receiving: 48 Receptions, 785 Yards, 16.4 YPC, 3 TDs, 303 RAC

Defense: 197 TFLs, 50 Sacks, 2 INTs, 1 PDEF, 1 FF

Hucci’s Analysis- Hands down one of the best DL users in this league or at least he was    in 23. With how easy the pass rushing is this year I look for Accountant to be a force 



  • P4: @CG A1phas / CG A1phas – (9-21)

Rushing: 116 Attempts, 491 Yards, 4.2 YPC, 2 TDs

Receiving99 Receptions, 1508 Yards, 15.2 YPC, 10 TDs, 110 RAC


Hucci’s Analysis – I haven’t seen alot of game film on Red Hour/Alphas (no disrespect). He has played with some pretty good players before so I assume they must see talent there or he wouldn’t be on the squad. 


  • P5: @All Time Rushing Leader / Woohdy (30-13)

Rushing: 600 Attempts, 5516 Yards, 9.2 YPC, 2 TDs, 4 FUM

Receiving: 70 Receptions, 834 Yards, 11.9 YPC, 10 TDs, 462 RAC

Defense: 54 TFLs, 15.5 Sacks, 36 INTs, 41 PDEF, 13 DTDs


Hucci’s Analysis – I’ve been saying this since my season with the Chiefs, Woohdy is the best back in this league. Long before he lit up the stat column I knew he had great stick. This game being is a run heavy game and will highlight his skills. His attitude has been his only negative. Otherwise Woohdy is a phenomenal player.


  • P6:sub: @GrandpaWarpath / FTK Warpath (4-9)

Passing: 73-154, 47% Completion, 7 TDs, 25 INTs

Defense: 9 TFLs, 3 INTs, 2 PDEFs, 1 FF


Hucci’s Analysis – Warpath has always been one of the chillest people in this league. I have known him way before this league and he has always been a good teammate. When I hopped to PS4 he was a great ambassador for their community and welcomed me. I am appreciative of that and can’t wait to watch him play again.


  • P7:sub: @CriticalTelos💍💍 / Critical Telos (24-18)

Rushing: 423 Attempts, 2897 Yards, 6.8 YPC, 35 TDs, 1 FUM

Receiving: 63 Receptions, 922 Yards, 14.6 YPC 5 TDs, 385 RAC 

Defense: 93 TFLs, 35.5 Sacks, 30 INTs, 19 PDEF, 1 Safety, 9 DTDs, 1 KRTD


Hucci’s Analysis – Telos has always been a solid RB. Winning a few awards at the position. Just like I said with Woohdy, I expect Telos to put up solid numbers because running the ball is very powerful this year.



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