We’re Taking a Morning Blunkey – A Blunkey Interview


Blunkey blunkey blunkey, one of the only owners I was not looking forward to interviewing. He shows up and plays yes, however, he is probably the most popular bad troll I’ve ever met. He even has an emoji for him in the chat 💩. All jokes aside he’s not that bad once you get to know him sometimes he’s actually kind of funny. But let’s pick this dudes brain a little before the season starts! 


Q: I know being an owner in the league has been something you’ve wanted for a while now. This being your first time to be an owner in the league what strategy do you have to prove you deserve to be an owner?


Blunkey: “The Strategy Is To Match Myself Up Against the Tough Opponents And Give the easy opponents to my 2nd line QB.”


Q: Seeing how the league is changing what are some things you like and/ or dislike about the direction it seems to be going?


Blunkey: “I think adding a buy in for owners to the league was the right decision. But they shouldn’t of made it where you bring your own roster. Less players will have opportunities to play since everyone already brings there own roster.


Q: How did you hear about the VFL and what advice would you give to newcomers in the league?


Blunkey: “play your game” 


Q: For me the VFL has been appealing because I meet a lot of new people who have a common interest in madden. Has there been anyone you enjoy being around you met that you wouldn’t have without the VFL?


Blunkey: “Awesome VII was someone I met in the VFL. He was someone I talked to everyday regardless if we were playing madden or not. Unfortunately he passed away in a car accident. I never met him in person but that was my dog.


Q: What is your vision this season? Do you think you can compete with owners like ebok and tmo?


Blunkey: “Winning MVP, QBOTY are all awards I’ll aquire but the trophy is really what we have our eyes set on. Ebok and Tmo should have a good season but nothing my team won’t be able to handle


I would have liked to ask another question or two but blunkey refused to answer anymore Questions, I guess he must be busy getting dropped in a toilet somewhere, anyway, best of luck to blunkey and his team in the upcoming season 

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