Top 10 Madden Teams ( Defense Only )

Top 10 Madden Defenses


This article will be a focus of what teams I view as the top 10 defenses upcoming for the VFL with our new rules where we will allow we users to be in coverage this upcoming season.


1 – Bills ) – I think its pretty clear cut the Bills have the best defense on Madden. Madden has tried to tell us abilities won’t matter as much in Madden 24 however we know this is a lie. Abilities will once again reign supreme on any mode in Madden. Bills have 3 good defensive backs with some type of knockout ability which will help prevent catches from receivers , tight ends and running backs. Not to mention the Bills have a couple good defensive lineman Von Miller and Ed Oliver. With 3 users in coverage along with good knockout abilities and a Elite pass rusher like Von Miller I dont see how there is a better defense then the Bills.


2 – Cowboys ) – While we all love to making fun of and meme the Cowboys to me without a doubt have a top 2 defense on Madden. Madden moved Parsons from OLB to DE so as a DC that puts a smile on my face. Being able to put Parsons at DT makes things tough for opposing QBs. Along with Parsons being a full time Defensive Lineman the Cowboys also added Gilmore this off season via trade. This now give Trevon Diggs a partner in crime in the secondary. With Parsons and Lawrence rushing the passer while having 2 DBs in the secondary with Acrobat this could led to alot of turnovers. This is why I have the Cowboys ranked at the 2 spot.


3- Chargers ) – Chargers are probably the easiest defense to play with with our new rules , just simply call 2 man under and let Mack and Bosa win you the game with there pass rush. I think 2 man under will be the early meta and QBs will struggle. What better team to use then the Chargers to run the 2 man under meta who 2 elite pass rushers. Derwin James is a Swiss army knife type of player. He can be good as a user of good as a cpu deep blue on good as in a flat zone. J.C. Jackson is a good corner and Samuel Jr is also a good corner for madden purposes. Chargers will be a top defense within the VFL and thats why I have them at 3.


4 Eagles ) – Philly to me is a slightly worse defense then the Chargers. I think you will see people play the same way with the Eagles on the defense the same way I suggest playing with the Chargers. Tons of 2 man under because the team has great defensive line along with good players in the secondary. Slay is probably a top 3 corner on madden along with what might be the deepest DL on the game Eagles will easily be one of the best defensive teams to use.


5 Jets ) – Jets have always been a good defense but with the addition of the Jets adding Aaron Rodgers this off season it just makes it more clear they are a top defense.  Sauce Gardner is the best young corner in the NFL so his ratings are really good. Jets have some good users with speed with one being Ashyton Davis. Quinnin Williams is the anchor of the Jets defensive line as a top defensive tackle. Jets defense along with the addition on adding Aaron Rodgers on offense will make this team a much better team to use defensively because of the how much better Rodgers alone makes the team.


6 49ers ) – Nick Bosa is the name that jumps off the screen right away.  Not to mention 49ers signed Hargrave a elite defensive tackle this off season to make that defense even stronger. Fred Warner is also one of the only usable linebackers on Madden due to needing the Lurker ability to get the good jumping animations. 49ers have probably the 2nd best all around front 7 on Madden which is why they get the nod at the 6 spot on my list.


7 Browns ) – Browns made a couple good signing this offseason with Za’Darius Smith and Juan Thornhill. They needed those 2 signing after losing Clowney and madden stud Greddy Williams.  Adding a good pass rusher like Smith and putting him next to Myles Garrett will cause tons of issues for opposing QBs. Juan Thornhill in the secondary along with underrated corner Denzel Ward will also make the Browns secondary solid to go along with an elite pass rush. Browns at 7 is a good defense.


8 Bengals ) – Bengals are probably the best defense on the game for a defense that doesn’t have any abilities. Even without the abilities on defense the thing that makes them good is speed. Drafting rookie DJ Turner who has 97 speed gives you alot of freedom on defense. Hubbard and Hendrickson are 2 of the better pass rushers without abilities along with DJ Reader in the middle. Losing Jessie Bates the Bengals take a slight hit but will still be one of the better defenses on the game.


9 Packers ) – Packers like the Eagles have tons of people you can put on the defensive line. We know they have Kenny Clark and Gary but its guys like Preston Smith , Wyatt and rookie Lukas Van Ness that add depth to a talented defensive line group. Packers also still have good secondary with Jaire Alexander leading the way. I dont know how much people will use the Packers with the loss of Aaron Rodgers and a few of there receivers but I can tell you there defense is still top notch.


10 Ravens ) – Ravens defense isn’t what it used to be due to losing Campbell on the DL and Marcus Peters in the secondary but they are still very good. They have some speed on the defensive line with Oweh and Ojabo on the edge with Michael Pierce still manning the interior. Marlon Humphrey is still on of the best man coverage corners on the game which makes the Ravens secondary a force. Also Kyle Hamilton is one of if not the best user safety on the game. Ravens round out my top 10 on defense.

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