Hexied’s Top 5 MVP Candidates


  1. Velus Jones OC – velus is the best mut squads oc. he is also known for using very bad cards in mut so he should be able to fit it on ANY team. velus is a must draft and can’t be passed on by any team
  1. WagBoyz OC – wag is known as the second best OC in mut. he has over 75 super bowls and should be a top pick in the draft
  1. VillanAV OC – most of you know av. great game manager and my 3rd best OC
  1. Oxqw DC/HC – oxqw is a top mut squads dc. has over 85 super bowls and a S TIER user. he will change your defense for sure
  1. NateCashMoney – he has and will be a top player for seasons to come. he should be a top 5 pick easily

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