Wace Interview

By: Pork

Why are you requesting a trade? Is it just Trevor or is it the team? Teammates?

Um Trevor Lawrence is one of the worst QBs in madden, I personally think death can’t cover and Johnny wheels is a mid WR, I would consider staying if Aaron rodgers was back in madden and maybe we switched you know

Who are some teams you would want to go to? Why? What about them changes your game?

Some teams I would like? to be honest I don’t know but I would prefer the QB be accurate you know like Mahomes Allen Herbert, even Lamar but anybody but Trevor Lawrence he is a bust

With you demanding a trade, there will be rumors of you being an all time worst first pick. Are you a bust? What makes you not a bust?

Um I honestly feel like Jamarcus Russell, my mindset was to be Caleb Williams or a Cam newton you know Joe burrow but maybe I’m Jamarcus Russell I think we have to see first

What are your plans on handling the hate that will come from the situation?

I Love my haters, But to be honest I don’t care about them they just lifeless trolls

 Final statement/thoughts?

Um I think if u put me with the right users you know real madden guys we easily win this Super Bowl, it’s a lot of mid in ownership and the path to a SB is wide open for anyone and with a great QB and a team around me we would have a great chance,

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