Preseason tourney Round 1 recap

With the first round of the preseason tournament ending I wanted to recap some of the scores of these games for everyone.

1st up we got the 9ers and packers

TPbraves king dab and caystayup pulled out a slim victory over blunkey, Mr. Ohio, and “Jerry jones” knowing blunkey he prolly peed his pants all game and couldn’t move the ball well against the 9ers defense. Tough start for the self proclaimed “MVP”

9ers win 17-14

The next game features the cowboys with a lineup of: alltheway, lifted, and northzide going up against the chiefs line of clamps, doc holiday, and Eric cartmen, pork may have predicted something correctly as doc holiday and crew couldn’t beat these cowboys.

Cowboys win 10-0

This game was just sickening, the shitcago bears face off against the las Angeles chargers. I thought the chargers would have some fire power playing with rivals and fig, however childplease brings this line down tremendously in what should have been an absolute blowout for LA they barely squeeze out a win against Lurker, mallard, and fear painkiller.

Chargers 17 bears 14

Texans v dolphins could have been a good game, but let’s face it, grof just simply doesn’t know how to run anything. He did a poop job running the final season of VFL then can’t even follow simple instructions as an owner and gets DISQUALIFIED from a preseason game. Smh

Texans 1 dolphins 0

Bills vs falcons in most eyes should be an easy blowout win for the bills. That madden team is just absolutely insane. However they could not perform with that high powered offense and barely squeeze out a win

Go crazy von, ogwolf, and vizju score 9 points for the bills while Cruce, can’t stop vertz, and telos score a measly 7 for the falcons

What in TARnation is going on here!?

Ravens with oxisar, Shurzi, and fendi absolutely annihilate the VFL golden girls line of abyss, dfeet, and sacrifice final score

Ravens 35 lions 7

Bengals with solo, joka, and crusty bring out the paddle and get a nice old school WHOOPIN on them there jaguars (beach, trash panda, paid dough) I wonder if there will be any jaggin off in Jacksonville tonight

Bengals 38 jaggin off 3

For the final game played this evening we had the eagles ( swaggy, Thompson, helpsin) face off against the browns (sword, hero bricked, and HSG beaste) the eagles pulled out a close one tonight with the final score being

Eagles 14 browns 11

Let’s see what round two has in store and if the teams that lost in round one can redeem themselves in the losers bracket! Best of luck to everyone

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