Power Rankings Preseason

1. Falcons:

the falcons are one of the top favorites, with 2 really good dcs and one of the top ocs hexied i think they can win it all

2. Bengals:

the bengals are a very solid team all around, joka is arguably the best oc in here, if his defense gets 1 or 2 stops they might not lose a game, they just had to sign a fa oc for 2nd line, we will see how that goes

3. Chargers:

the chargers have brady and he is also a top oc in here, if there 2nd line can get wins i think they can be in the super bowl race

4. Jaguars:

the jaguars are also a very solid team, they have great chemistry with nate and hucci, i’m not to familiar with there 2nd line but i know for sure nate and hucci can get things done

5. Eagles:

they have 2 solid lines, i don’t see a weak link on this team, i think they could go far if they play there best,

6. Seahawks:

i don’t know to much about this team but i do know AV is a really solid oc,

7. Dolphins:

i think grof drafted pretty good, i’m not familiar with this team

8. Ravens:

i personally don’t think these users are very good, some people say shurzi can play ball, i see this team going even at best

9. Cowboys:

this team is very middle tier user wise, the cowboys are a good team tho,

10. Packers:

no one stands out to me on this team, larry has no oc to work with,

11. Browns:

this team has been complaining about there o line for a week, i don’t see this team doing much with all this complaining

12. Bills:

i think they are trash, they put up 9 points in a win, if there oc can score they possibly can win a couple games

13. Bucs:

this team is not very good, they have a low tier team and i don’t see how they got this much bad users

14. Saints:

his first pick was wace, i mean this should say it all, wace is not good, i don’t see this team winning a lot

15. 49ers:

this team is very bad user wise, they have a really good team tho, i don’t see them winning at all

16. Cheifs:

this speaks for itself, they lit up 0 points in pre season

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