Ian Rappapork w/TP

1. As a top 11 pick, some players (me especially) doubted how you would perform. Clearly proved you could play in the preseason tourney, is this just the start?

Me personally didn’t I had no idea where I would go in draft I did 0 tryouts, do I think I’m top 11 I haven’t played like it of late Iv also had some shit dc and that’s the worst I’m definitely here to prove everyone wrong latest power rankings got us as 15th best team with “terrible users” so ima make sure we better then that

2. What type of offense do you intend on running? Multiple choices with the 49ers!

49ers have a lot of weapons I plan to get it in they hands and let them work but with 2 game winning drives in the preseason I don’t doubt if given the ball last I will score

3. What team do you want to play the most? Why? Who on your team, outside of yourself, do you believe could carry your team?

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