In this week’s two matchups, we have the 1-1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers facing off against the 2-0 New Orleans Saints.

Nobody is favored in this one as votes are currently tied at 10-10; the split vote is 6.

The Saints are coming in hot and feeling good after sweeping Jacksonville, while the Buccaneers had an impressive win over the Packers, pitching the season’s first shutout.

The Buccaneers’ offensive coordinators for both lines proved they could put up points. Although one of the Buccaneers’ lines pitched the shutout, the other line allowed 42 points. They faced early adversity, which could be a good sign moving forward. New Orleans had two games where they took control and kept their foot on the pedal. They are coming into this game with a lot of momentum. I feel as if it will go down to the wire.

We asked team owner Lucky Dimez about this matchup he had this to say:

Honestly I just think Bucs is a better overall team so I think we have the advantage there. I have nothing but respect for the saints team as far as the users but Bucs is taking this series tonight 2-0, and nothing they can do about it tbh. Beachmode is a homie but he told me before the season wace was getting picked up before me so this is a revenge game for me.

When we asked Beachmode this was his reply:

The matchup against the Buccs is going to be a great matchup. Lucky is a friend and was the first owner to give me a real shot to play on my early team play years. We both know each other tendencies so whether it’s us laced up against one another or the other line the intel will be there. Look for a close series of games however you already know these saints coming for blood this year. Whether it’s my line or Wace line we balling out #WhoDat?!

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