Ian Rappapork w/ Swaggy

1. What are a couple things you have enjoyed so far from the merge? Any VFL guys impressed ya?

I’ve enjoyed having enough people in the league to where we can have 128 players on a main roster/practice squad. The guys I drafted (koolaidz, farah and tiger) have shown really good things and have lived up to the intel I was given pre-draft. Haven’t seen many others play yet or enough.

2. What type of team do you think you assembled? Heavy run? Air raid? Lockdown D? Etc.

 Both offenses from what I’ve seen enjoy a balanced run/pass approach and don’t mind the occasional long ball. I’d argue Philly has 2 of the top 4 or 5 DCs in the league as well.

3. Who is your MVP favorite on your team? Why?

 Koolaidz would be my favorite so far, offensive award and he’ll be up there all year.

4. What team are you looking forward to facing? Why?

Ourselves, because I believe if we don’t beat ourselves that we can beat anybody.

5. Super Bowl prediction?

Answering as if our team didn’t exist, I’d pick the Cowboys.

6. Final remarks?

 Let’s have a great season everybody, may the best team win.

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