GOTW 2 Recap

In the first game, the Saints won with a score of 27-14, while in the second game, the Buccaneers emerged victorious with a score of 34-17. The Saints advanced to 3-1, while the Buccaneers remain even at 2-2.
Both games were fairly close, but one was closer than the other. The Buccaneers continue to struggle in closing out games with a win on both sides. However, they did manage to hand the Saints their first loss of the year. We interviewed the OC of the Saints, Wace, and Woohdy of the Buccaneers.
Doubling the saints score, yall got 34 points in your game. What was working all game? Winning this game allows yall to split the series. What needs to improve as the season continues?
Woohdy – Our offense just flowed. Warpath called a GREAT gameplan. Me and Mo just listened and did what we needed to. Defensively we know we have one of the top DCs in the league so we just need to lock in and do our jobs as well. They got some SUPER lucky TDs but we didn’t panic. We just let warpath call his game and we knew we’d be fine. As for the season continuing and building on that, we just need to be consistent. Lucky hasn’t found his stride yet with the moving parts, but now he that he has more solidity with his line, once brisket gets back into the flow of reg 3s they’ll be fine. 
 Congrats on a great Gotw win, what went right during the game?
Wace :
Appreciate it btw you my fav guy in the media, but what went right? Our defense IBprofam calls a helluva game I had 3 picks 2 pick 6s and a forced fumble Johnny has a great user to take away the RB TE side and IB locks down the middle he has a few picks this season so yea we lock down we are #1 in turnovers I believe, and on offense we were also great scored 3 TDS 2 passing 1 rushing Johnny honestly to me is the best WR in this league. And our Rb IB ran all over them for 5 a carry on 12 carries for that TD
You are continuing to prove you are a proven winner. What do you need to do to continue this success?
Wace – See pork I’m haven’t truly won anything yet until I win the SB, I strive to be the Mahomes of this new league win mvp and a SB in my first 2 years and then after the ring I’ll call myself a champ, so yes I’m a winner but not proven until a ring which will be tough with certain teams and players in the league cause half the league are losers

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