Ian Rappapork W/ Vonn

For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself!
It’s GoCraxyVonn the biggest user critic there is, know for the shii talk and high IQ on both sides of the ball
As one of the top teams in madden, y’all have struggled in the first 2 weeks. What’s not working?
As for us struggling with the first two weeks ummm we’re just not locked in honestly and haven’t been locked in since the preseason tournament.
Is there any locker room problems or chemistry issues? What needs to be addressed?
No looker room issues other than lack of communication. Only this that needs to be addressed is take the league a bit more seriously.
Do you believe yall can turn this poor start around? If so, how?
  We have the user talent and I think we’ve just beat our self to start the season with mental mistakes. Without any doubt we will turn this bad start around and end up n the top 5. My team is completely new to the 3s league.

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