Ian Rappapork W/ Lucky

The Bucs not only have one of the more interesting rosters, but they also have an interesting owner in Lucky dimez, tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m just here so I don’t get fined. Haha

You have assembled a full VFL roster, you think that will work out fine for you in the long run?

Oh it’s going to work great, having TMO and The Brisket as top 5 DCs on my roster along with critical, woohdy, Redhour, Kwame? This roster is a SB roster! Also can’t forget Warpath, he gets a lot of shit but he’s a great clock manager along with icing the game when needed (top 5).

Who do you believe will be your teams mvp?

Honestly I’m not sure, we got to many ballers over here.

What team do you want to see if you play in the Super Bowl?

I would love a beachmode, wace vs lucky, and warpath matchup but besides that I don’t care.

Any final remarks as we go into this season?

A lot of people counted the Bucs out before the season started so my only remark is. We are going to make you eat those words.

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