Ian Rappapork W/ Rivals

For those who don’t know you. Introduce yourself!

Man I’m the fucking goat simple as that all u need to know !

Chargers are off to a fine start, how you think yall are doing?

Not gonna lie fuck the chargers The Owner Child is on my back shit hurts bad but we winning so that’s cool gonna need surgery after the season fucking with him !!!

Everything good locker room wise so far?

Man this Locker room is donkey Dick if I’m being honest This shit Died like my ancestors!!

How do you feel about Beaste leaving? There has been quite the controversy!

How I feel about the trade man Beaste a crybaby and we traded him for a llama fuck and who’s cry’s too and has no fucking skills No Thumb ass Dfeet

Final remarks?

but hey I’m cool We going to the Bowl tho




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