Early Award Predictions

One week of the season down. Had a lot of interesting games happen in this and have some early runaway favorites for the top awards. Lets just get right into it.
  1. Hexied– Not only is he succeeding while using the dreadful Desmond Ridder, he has 20 more points per game than the next leading candidate. With a 2.5 td to int ratio, its pretty obvious why he is my pick for the 3VL Brad Pitt award. Nobody in the league is doing more, with less at his disposal.
  2. Brady–  Again a top 3 points for offense, and after the top 3 there is a huge drop off in points scored by OCs of the league. Boasting the best td to int ratio in the league this one is no surprise at all. Brady is always a top MVP candidate and got blessed with Justin Herbert to add to it.

  3. Wace– This one is super tough for me. Wagboyz seems like the obvious pick here, runs an offense with the second most points scored in the league, but hes thrown more ints than tds, so through the first 3 games, that knocks him out of the top 3. Wace is number 4 in points scored, has been super effecient with the ball, throwing 5 tds with only 1 int. He also has 4 picks on defense 2 of which went back for 6. I usually hate listening to this guy complain in discord, but damnit bobby he is playing his heart out with Derek Carr right now.
Defensive Coordinator of the Year:
  1. TMO– I normally want to avoid putting anyone on my team/line up for awards in these things, but he is blowing the rest of yall away at this thing. Through three games, he has allowed 27 points (1 game being a shutout vs the self proclaimed league MVP, and the other against Cruce while TMO was down his OC). That goes along with a monster 24 TFLs, 13 sakcs, and 4 turnovers (All of which went for touchdowns). He is definitely running the show at DC at the moment.
  2.  Northzide–  Again another guy who is ALWAYS in these conversations. The man has allowed TEN points. I’ll say it again, TEN motherf***ing points through 3 games. That is crazy, The only thing that got him into number 2 over number 1 is the Defensive TDs. where he only has 1 of those to his name at the moment. 16 TFLs, 10.5 sacks, and 5 total turnovers. Again, monster stuff.
  3. Ebok–  Now this admittedly was between Ebok and TylerO, but i am pretty sure tyler is missing like half his stats so i have no idea what his defense is doing overall besides the points against. Ebok however with 16 points given up 9 total turnovers and 2 DTDs. Crazy to have those kind of numbers when he is apparently allergic to TFLs or sacks though. apparently every good play this Falcons line makes is a turnover as he only has 4 sacks and 8 TFLs. Crazy comms.
Running back of the year:
  1. Secure Tackler– This here is why Wagboys may not have all those passing tds. This guy is on a mission. 10 rushing Tds, 10 yards a carry. seems like you may not get the chance to throw the ball much when he touches it. Not much else to be said, thats pretty wild.
  2.  Ebok/ Woohdy– These two have pretty damn similar stats, and i didnt want to leave out the last guy so they are sharing a spot. Both averaging over 9 a carry, with 3 tds on Ebok and 4 on woohdy. These guys are rarely stopped and are killing opposing defenses in their own right.
  3.  Rivals– Got nudged down the list for being behind in yards per carry, and having 2 fumbles on the season to this point. Gotta hold onto the rock son.
Shitters of the Week (Really mainly gonna be OCs):
  1.  TC Villian– 7 ints to 3 tds just isnt going to cut it. Not ever, and Villian knows this, hes a good OC but that is just way to rough of a start.
  2.  CantstopVert– again 6 ints to 2 tds. Ebok won’t put up with that. Ebok was calling for a different teammate to be named here but that is tough to get pass for any team.
  3.  TrashPanda– we gotta talk sir. 72 points allowed, and 3 turnovers? make your teammates do pushups every time they give up a play or something, this gotta stop
Owner of the year:
  1. im only doing 1 person here so he will shutup and i dont have to listen to him. Give it to Blunkey. ThEy ArE 5-1. heres the particpation trophy.

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