Ian Rappapork W/ Beachmode

For those who don’t know you, introduce yourself!

I’m xBeachMode and have been running in the VFL since season 2. I’ve played every position possible to play and have learned a lot of the nuances of team play since then. I’ve been an owner multiple seasons and have also learned a lot bout what it takes to run a team. I’m level headed and chill and always want to keep the positive energy in the locker room even in a loss.

What have you enjoyed most with the merge?

What I love about the merge is how many teams and players are able to play in a season. Less repetitive matchups and everyone seems reenergized to play again. The merge is truly the best parts of both former leagues.

The saints have looked stunning in the first couple weeks. What’s working so well for yall?

After we realized the jags were not as good as they looked on paper we had a team meeting and tested out multiple teams options. The saints on paper are LOADED especially on the defensive side of the ball. We have a bunch of consistent users and we made it come together. We will be a tough draw no matter who lines up against us.

Is Wace being the true leader he claims to be?

Wace is a straight baller. He is not afraid to admit when he needs to step up and help the team get better. He will get under your skin and that’s part of the game. Once he’s in your head you’re right where he wants you to be. Happy to have him on my team as he’s a proven winner.

What needs to be consistent or maybe tuned up to stay on this path yall are on?

Just need to know the scheme for each opponent. With the Saints you have to take what is given to you cause Carr has his inconsistencies and he will not be why you win the game. Scheme > Team. With the right users anyone can win and over here in this locker room we have straight ballers. As long as we keep playing smart we can keep this #1 ranking in the standings

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