Abyss’s Week 1 Power Rankings

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Very Late Week 1 Power Rankings


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Brady had a great first week, barely losing to Shurzi and the Ravens in a wild game. Child is a very underrated QB, but he comes out of week one with a 3-0 record. Team rec (5-1) Opp rec (6-12)


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Blunkey put together a good team in Green Bay. Secure Tackler is absolutely dominating at RB and their line 1 (wagz, larry, tackler) is rolling people so far. Team rec (5-1) Opp rec (6-12)


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Great win from Shurzi handing the Chargers their only loss. No stats put in for this team, but they had a pretty good first week. Team rec (4-2) Opp rec (9-9)


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Hex, Ebok and Ned are one of the top lines in the league. That line has a point differential of 133-16 in week 1. Cruce, vert and kdot whooped my ass, but line 2 is 1-2 so far. Team rec (4-2) Opp rec (7-11)


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With a pretty good user roster, this is about where i expect the Eagles to be ranked. Koolaid, Farah and Tiger are VFL vets that have always been good. Swaggy went 2-0 at QB. Team rec (4-2) Opp rec (8-10)


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Dallas drafted Northsidez in round 1 and he has not disappointed. Alltheway, crib and north are 3-0 while holding opponents to 5.67 PPG. Line 2 is a big question mark so far. Team rec (4-2) Opp rec (7-11)


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Great start for the Saints going 3-0, but lost 2 of their next 3. The saints are one of the worst Madden teams but they are easily in playoff contention. Wace 3-0 in week 1. Team rec (4-2) Opp rec (6-12)


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Both lines went 2-1 in week 1. They split the series with the Browns and the Bengals, while sweeping the Bills with (1) FF win. Team rec (4-2) Opp rec (4-14)


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Warpath, tmo and woohdy had a nice 3-0 week (Redhour played QB for warpath in a win vs the Falcons). Lucky went 0-3 and desperately wants off QB. Team rec (3-3) Opp rec (13-5)


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A strange week 1 for the Chiefs. They had a FF win and a FF loss. They beat the Falcons then got obliterated by the Falcons 63-3. Currently sitting in the playoffs. Team rec (3-3) Opp rec (8-10)


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Slow start to the season, but a lot of talent on this roster. Joka started 2-1 with his lone loss coming to Brady and the Chargers. Solo is throwing for 300+ per game. Team rec (2-4) Opp rec (13-5)


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Dj and Lurker are currently sitting in the final playoff spot with a better SOS than the Browns. With the addition of Pork and Lurker moving to RB, this team is looking promising. Team rec (2-4) Opp rec (13-5)


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With one of the worst QBs in the league (Watson) and a messed up OL, this team will be tough to use until the OL is potentially fixed. Barely out of the playoffs currently. Team rec (2-4) Opp rec (9-9)


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3 games decided by 7 or fewer points. Another 2 games decided by 10 and 11 points respectively, this team has had some battles. Braves is a solid QB, Smythe is not. Team rec (1-5) Opp rec (11-7)


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We are absolutely horrendous. My only hope in fixing the team is to have Hex and Ebok show me and my team how to Jag off, cuz we aren’t doing it right. Team rec (1-5) Opp rec (12-6)


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Rough week for one of the top madden teams. They had a close loss vs the Chiefs and another close loss vs the Chargers. Doesn’t help when you FF 2 games as well. Team rec (0-6) Opp rec (12-6)

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