Ian Rappapork W/ Solo

Introduce yourself for those that don’t know you!

I’m a well known DC that was in the 3fl for 18 szns and won a Super Bowl and also had 4 Super Bowl appearances

Bengals have been on a good track but with some bumps as well. How have you felt so far this season with the squad?

I think we are fine line 1 is looking really good on defense and i know we will get our offense figured out and start winning more games. Line 2 we need to step up on defense.

Obviously yall believe u have a shot to win it all…. Who would you want to play in win or go home Super Bowl game? What team?

Our offense is playing great and if we get stops on defense we will be a team that’s hard to beat. In a win or go home situation if I had to put my best line out there it would be me joka and orbi 100% because we all 3 have great user and u might say I’m bias but that’s a hard team to beat.

Who has been y’all’s MVP up to this point? Have they been just as impactful off the game?

And who’s been our MVP up to this point is me as QB on our 2nd line and ORBI on the 1st line orbi has played great defense all szn and has gave joka many of opportunities to score unfortunately we haven’t looked to good on offense and I’m looking forward to seeing joka come back and show everyone who he is really about. And for why I would say it would be me on the 2nd line is because I’ve scored almost every drive in every game our defense just needs to step up a lil and we will be fine.

Final remarks?

I just wanna say if we got haters then WE DOING SUM RIGHT

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