Power Rankings wk1-5

  1. Falcons

    running mut shit but traded sexond line away so we will see.

  2.  Chargers

    brady is being brady.

  3. Packers

    only a matter of time before the blunkey effect comes into play.

  4. Eagles

    They suck.

  5. Cowboys

    one line competitive, one line free win.

  6.  Bengals

    one of the few teams with solid 2 lines.

  7. Ravens

    getting wins but not many dominating performances.

  8. Saints

    worst team with a winning record.

  9. Dolphins

    know nothing bout them besides they have the most fun offense to use in the game

  10. Chiefs

    surprisingly figured out how to win

  11. Buccaneers

    another great team on madden despite having baker. Def underperforming compared to the teams ahead of them

  12. Browns

    complain about their oline but they still have chubb. I call it user error.

  13. Seahawks

    camaro amd pork are leadership. Enough said.

  14. Jaguars

    vfl boys letting us down.

  15. 49ers

    best teams in madden but ass users

  16. Bills

    best teams in madden but ass users

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