S1 Top 10 list!

Do not take offense if you are not on here, tell your owner to make sure your stats are getting in for a chance to be publicly respected. Also if you have issues with the list you are more than welcome to create your own for submission!


1. Solo

the best statistical QB so far but isn’t by too much.

2. Brady

arguably 1, dude is having a phenomenal season.

3. Blunkey

idk how he here but his stats are actually pretty good.

4. Hexi

5. RCV20

6. Pork

7. Child please

8. Wace

9. Vengeance

10. Koolaidz


1. Rivals

leads RBs in yards and is up with the top in TDs.

2. Woohdy

are we suprised?

3. Ebok*

shitter. Its hexi stats

4. Secure tackler*

5. Beaste

6. Clamps

7. Lurker

8. Tiger

9. Dough

10. Helpsin

*the QB is running the ball


1, Outaker

carried by Brady but stats show

2. Ragequit

insane RAC and YPC

3. Mallard

dude head taps everyone.

4. Neal

5. Fig

6. Ohio

7. Mo

8. Rigs

9. Plum

10. Trash panda

Defensive players:

1. Hexi

stats say he best pass defender in the league.

2. Shadow

a bit of everything. TFL picks and all.

3. Mo

will probably end the season at 1 with the way he gets TFLs and sacks

4. Defeetu

5. Orbi

6. Ebok

7. Lurker

8. Ibprofam

9. Woohdy

10. Rivals

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