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Week 2 Power rankings BY TXJAMES




The Chargers have been on a tear since starting the season. Finishing week one with a 6-3 record. Going into week 2 looking to improve on the strong start. And did just that. Finishing week 2 7-2 was an improvement. With their only losses coming from their third line and at the hands of huskynuts. With strong play from King champ, da accountant, and Farah finishing 5-1 after two weeks. Is a huge reason the chargers are sitting at number one. Having strong play on both sides of the ball. with champ finishing high on the QB charts in almost all categories. The chargers are going to be an issue for all teams. If their 3rd line can get it together this could be a walk in to the number one seed going into the playoffs. 


Points for 442 Rank #1

Points Against 289 Rank #2

Top player performances




 60          537669.71221163




The chargers have lead the league in most points for as well as fewest points against. The run game is lacking as the numbers for the running backs are not comparable to the league leaders, Although the QB play is in the higher tier. with both QB having extremley high TD/INT ratios, as well as the stat that truly matters W/L


Cleveland Browns


THE CLEVELAND BROWNS, This team has been getting things done. They are scrappy and gritty just like you would expect from a Cleveland browns team. They have dominated to the run game, I MEAN DOMINATED. no one is close to their rushing totals all three of their backs are in the top the in almost every rushing category. Rightly so with nick Chubb in your backfield there is no reason to go elsewhere. With brady switching to RB it was something a lot of people were looking forward to seeing this season, but the man has not disappointed. Coming off a QBOTY award last season to playing RB this season was something that a bit shocking. But with his 11.2 ypc he has been spectacular. As well as the other RBs alongside him, with painkiller and brady already after 6 games already surpassing the 1k yard mark. Northsides has been struggling in comparison to the other 2. Only sustaining a 6.6 YPC number which is well under the 11+ from his backfield teammates. That being said with Desean Watson coming back this week we did see a slight uptick in passes from the Browns this week. Maybe this will help the Northsides and the other browns running backs improve, being able to implement slightly more balance to their game may open up the offense even more so than it already is. Let’s not forget about the defensive side of the ball though. Miles garret has been a menace to all QBs who have played against the Browns. Painkiller leads the league in sacks. With majority of those 22.5 sacks coming in one game against Blunky racking up 9.5 in the single meeting between the two. These types of performances is the reason the browns are sitting at number 2 on the week 2 power rankings list



POINTS FOR 414 Rank #3

Points Against 300 Rank #2

Top Player Performances



Fear Painkiller




Fear Painkiller


The Browns are third in points for and second in points against. Painkiller gets the top performances on both sides of the ball on offense it could have gone to brady, but the differences is the W/L painkillers only loss came to the #1 ranked chargers. Which makes him this weeks top performer of the week for the browns


Greenbay Packers


The GB Packers land themselves here at the #3 spot losing the tie breakers to the Browns, This team is in all aspects as of right now the Cinderella story of the VFL. These guys have been performing at a rate that no one in the league other than themselves could for see. WRNZO has been a menace at rb averaging over 15 ypc on 29 attempts this man is on a tear and will stop at nothing clearly to get GB on the map couple that with his 7.5 sacks, which is not an easy feat with GB pass rushing core. At the beginning of the season a lot of people were already chomping at the bit to put GB on their schedule as a stat game. NOT ANYMORE. GB has showed up and showed out, even after losing their gm in week one. The owner stated after the GM retired that it would not affect the team and they would continue on their path to win the ring. Which to be honest we thought he was exaggerating, nevermore he is in the process of letting the play speak for itself. there is no statistics from these guys that are absolutely eye popping, EXCEPT. Cruce world and hxied are finishing up this week 3-0 and are helping GB make the push the owner promised. on the other hand, you have the owner Lucky Dabs holding the highest completion % in the league at 70% with 100 attempts. So Greenbay is here and they are not playing NEW GM NEW TEAM SAME FIGHT. #PACKATTACK



POINTS FOR 250 Rank #7

Points Against 303 Rank #3

Top performances






The packers have one line who has had a dominant week and looks to continue that going into week 4. Although they rank second to last in points for the wins are falling into the Green Bay win column. With hxied, WRNZO and cruce world undefeated things are looking bright for the packers moving forward.  


TB Buccaneers


This may be the biggest shock after two weeks. They still have player stats that are not in at the time of writing this so its hard to get a complete view of what is going on in tampa. But i will say GREEN BAY ran tampa into the ground. with 5 tds in one game and 4 in another not knowing the final score bc it was not posted. With a loaded team with Koolaidz and abyss. Abyss having a great season on offense leading the league in TDs with 18 but finishing after 2 weeks 3-3 must be something on the defensive side of the ball. The Buccaneers are struggling to find consistency and it is showing in their record. All preseason power rankings placed this team at number one but with Koolaidz struggling and Abyss not finding wins when needed they find themselves falling in the power rankings i do believe they will be a playoff team and if they can fix their defensive woes they could be more than that but at this verry moment the buccaneers are issues putting up winning streaks and finding success on the defensive side of the ball. Cleaning up a few things specifically forcing turnovers on defense their record would be a whole lot better.



Points For 383 Rank #4

Points Against 384 Rank #6 (some games have not been entered i believe their PA will be well over 400 after all stats are in and will be RANK 8)

Top Performers






As stated above alot of final stats are not in at the time writing the article so i assume the points for will be slightly better but the points against will get drastically worst. abyss and redwatter together have had good games statistically but have not been able to cultivate a consistent winning record moving forward that should be their priority over stats but only time will tell


Buffalo Bills


The Bills are a solid team with good competitors. Although they are struggling against the better competition in the league as a team. On the other hand they are winning the games they should beating the lower ranked teams heavily. With only 8 teams that is a recipe for playoffs. Once getting there though there is no lower ranked teams to hide behind you will have to perform and they have the players to do it. Losing von miller is a big blow though for the bills. And will make it difficulty for them moving forward especially when it comes to the heavy passing teams which most teams in the league are. Rushing the passer was a huge factor when selecting the bills in the bidding, So much so that when miller went down owner Ace boogs wanted to switch teams before the season started. Not allowing him to switch ace and his guys had to make do with what was left. And in most cases have done so finishing week two with an overall record of 9-9 is not a bad place to sit. Its a current playoff seed and gives you an opportunity to push for a ship which for most of us is the main goal. With the bills losing vonn and the users not having any QB in the top ten passing stats leaderboard it begs the question of how will they conitnue to win? When their star defensive player is gone and they are not taking advantage of the QB Josh allens potential its going to continue to be a tough road for them moving forward. Don’t mistake the wording they do have competitors who have the potential to take any game to the wire and force last minute drives in their favor. The issue is consistency and how to get hot on the back end of the schedule. In an 8 team season its going to be difficult with high competition


Team Stats

Points for 274 Rank #6

Points Against 386 rank #7

Top performers




As shown the bills as a team will need to do better and adjust that PF and PA they rank near the bottom of the league and will need to adress that. Doing so should result in more win streaks and leaderboard climbing they also need to get higher play form their QBs with Von miller gone they really need to score every possession on offense.


Kansas City Chiefs


This like the buccaneers is shocking. Its shocking to see a team ran by a top tier QB so low on the power rankings list. Finishing week 2 at 8-10 Ebokstop should be ashamed of himself regardless of how the loses came about. I am more than aware at what the chiefs struggle with and understand defense with that team is not easy. But finishing week 2 18 games in with only 8 wins is embarrassing and ebok trolls alot but i know it hurst his ego sitting this low on the rankings list. Its obviously a defensive issue when two of the three QBs on your team is in the top ten passing leaders list. As well as an underperforming Hucci selected as Eboks GM Hucci has been struggling horribly with Mahomes only scoring 8tds followed up with 8ints. This is not the recipe for success especially when you are handpicked for a GM spot that is needed to have a high skill level. in order to make a push to the super bowl typically. BLKsupersa1yan has been carrying holding the team right now with as many wins as hucci and ebok combined finishing week 2 with a 4-2 record. Luckily for ebok and hucci that he is. Giving them time to figure out what is going on with their individual lines. I’m aware the loses have been awkward but that being said from players like ebok and hucci the games should not be a one possession game anyway much less losing on a missed FG or int on the last drive. these are things that should not happen. 


Team Stats

Points for 415 Rank #2

Points Against 347 Rank #5

Top performers





BLK has been keeping the chiefs afloat with his 4 wins for that he earns the top performer for the chiefs if the chiefs want to make a superbowl run they will need to quit with these petty loses. Clutch it up and stop choking from their management. 


Cincinatti Bengals


The Bengals have done surprisingly better than i expected the play from TPBraves has been extremely competitive. Has put himself in positions to win games they probably had no chance in. Braves is the only one of the Bengal’s who is in any top ten category for them he is finishing up this week with a 3-3 record. One of his three wins is over the 5-1 line of the chargers who did play them again this week and got redemption but his mere win over a line that otherwise has not lost shows his competitiveness and willing to scrap regardless of the competition. As of right now if the season ended today the Bengals would miss the playoffs by one spot 2 games. With only 8 teams this season is going to be competitive to the end and a team that in any other scenario with more than 8 teams would make the playoffs, but someone has to miss. IMO the two that may miss is either bills, Bengals or eagles. They will be scrapping for that final spot. i fell it will come down to the end the bills are in a good spot rn but a few adjustments that can get braves some help and the Bengal’s can make a push



Points for 320 Ranked #5

Points against 395 ranked #8
(Could change based on Buccs unentered stats)

Top Performers




The bengals are ranked at the bottom of the list on defense they need to get stops and get braves some help if they want any shot at a playoff push. Get some DCs in there who know how to make stops and get off the field and maybe they can have a winning week.


Philadelphia Eagles


The Eagles have been struggling. Under johnny wheels and blunkey who had a great draft and struggled week one and followed that up with another bad week. Thye are seemed to be doomed Trading away players who could help along with demand a trade requests. The great bidding had fallen apart. Shady has not lived up to any sort of stable option at QB neither has any other QB the eagles have on roster. Its reflecting via their record. The eagles are struggling to find wins no matter who they play, or whom plays for them. Its been a disaster and they are struggling to pick up the pieces with only two weeks left they have to turn it around RN if they look to make a playoff push. They are 4 games out of playoffs right now and need a strong week winning at least 6 games this week and hope for some other teams to continue to struggle in order to have a prayer at sniffing the playoffs going into week 4.


Team Stats

Points for 235 Ranked #8

Points Against 329 ranked #4th 
(May change due to they are missing a games of stats)

Top performers


The eagles are in poor shape it looks like their defense is showing promise but needs help scoring the ball maybe hurts aj brown getting superstar abilities may help although hurts have not gotten any throwing abilities maybe they can turn into a raven’s offense and just QB run with his new abilities and maybe scrape together some more win because 4 wins through two weeks is not good its horrible.

Top 5 AFL Players Likely to Make an NFL Roster

Unfortunately not everyone can start off on the NFL level, some players need to work their way up the ladder to have a shot at the big leagues. Today we’re going to take a look at 5 players I expect to make the jump this season.


King John, this player will probably end up in the VFL sooner rather than later. Due to the fact he is on a team who’s Management is inexperienced and may have some bumps along the way throughout their season. Couple that with players unwillingness to give new owner/management a full opportunity to prove themselves. They might end up having players quit, leave or demand a trade. Which is something we see quite often from new owners teams. With that being said don’t let that take away anything from what King John can bring to the table. John is a GAMER across the board, mostly known for his play in the VBA (Virtual Basketball Association), King john is more than capable of helping a team win at the AFL or NFL level regardless. Although John has not played in the league since season 5, He has a career rushing average of 5.2 YPC, to put this in perspective the upper tier last season was above 7 YPC. So he has not been at the top but can still produce. In season 5, he racked up 22 sacks which does go in his favor. A player who can rush the passer is highly sought after in the league. So I assume if the Eagles find an opening on their roster, King john can easily fill a role on the team.

#4 - HogCrazy

It isn’t a surprise that Hogcrazy made this list. He is on the fast track to being called up immediately. His ability to play multiple positions is going to be key to his success in both leagues. Although he struggled massively last season in the NFL as a QB, throwing 7 interceptions, unofficially having 4 unentered, accumulating at least 11 that I know of. Also only throwing 4 registered touchdowns. He clearly had a bad season but don’t let this fool you. He is a competitor and is capable of winning games at the QB position. With that being said after his struggles last season at QB he switched to WR for the packers racking about 500 yards on nearly 30 receptions and helping Green Bay grab some must needed wins at the end of the season to fight for the number 1 seed. This shows his flexibility couple that with his experience in the league and knowing the right people he will be in the NFL before the season is over with.

#3 - Call Me Kyle

The Chiefs used their 1st round pick of the AFL draft on Call Me Kyle. Call me Kyle is rejoining EBOKstop (Owner of the Chiefs) this season after being the interim GM for the Super Bowl winning Buccaneer’s last season. He found said job when now player DFeetu had to step down to person issues last season. That did not stop Kyle from stepping in and taking advantage of the opportunity, helping the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl. After defeating the Bills in the Super Bowl Kyle had his hopes on owning his own team. Applying for ownership in the offseason, unfortunately that did not come to pass. He had found himself in the AFL draft. With that being said though Kyle had solid play last season. If a management spot opens up and he finds an opportunity to rejoin the NFL in anyway, I see him taking it as well as producing. 

#2 - Bhedden

Bhedden, this is a guy who I personally am shocked did not receive a bid in the NFL bidding. If he would have sign up to play WR, he would have found himself a home in the NFL. Him signing up at RB whilst there was so many hot RBs to choose from was his demise. With little sample size of his RB skills, owners were hesitant to take a shot on an unproven player. But with him being a staff member, great teammate and personality to deal with, he should have received a bid. At WR, last season had upwards of a 1k yard season after joining the Chiefs week two, and was a big factor in helping the them make a solid playoff run. The Chiefs needed to move on from one of their WR’s, Bhedden was able to step in, take over that role and that line did not lose a step. Bhedden went on to have a solid season on both sides of the ball showing his skills. This is a main reason why I feel Bhedden deserves a spot in the NFL and will be doing so in the future as soon as the opportunity arises.

#1 - TWCGpaWarpath

The only reason this player was not taken in the NFL bidding was because he was not in it. He signed up late and was placed into the AFL draft. That being said he was not taken until pick #2 in the second round. This player probably has to do with his availability issues. As well as some interception issues as he is the sole leader for most INTs in the league history with 83 and only 57 touchdown passes. But do not let the stats fool you, this player is capable of winning games. He is a solid 3rd line QB who can scrape together wins, and do so against solid competition. He may not be a solid #1 or carry you to a Super Bowl but he is capable of succeeding. The main reason he finds himself at the number 1 spot on this list is because he is a QB and regardless of what any one thinks, the QB position is the most valuable and sought after position in the league. There will be a time where a team loses a QB due to IR, blacklist or other means and that team will be knocking on the Bills door I assure you. This player (as long as his availability allows it) will be playing in the NFL before the season is up.

Player Bidding Grades and Analysis

In this article we will evaluate the highest paid player from each team, the best deal, the most overpriced and hand out some grades. This is not a power ranking and they’re in no specific order.

Team Management: 

Owner: DROCK | General Manager: IR BRADY


F34R Painkiller
ez ty

Bidding overview:

DFEET and Child please both will be playing quarterback for this roster are solid selections and should be capable of playing well with a heavy dose of the run. Nick Chubb is going to be a handful. Couple that with one of the better RB/DL in the league NORTHSIDE, this team is going to be capable of causing some havoc. That being said they’re missing star quarterback, DeShaun Watson and then even when he returns there is no telling what his release or abilities will be, or if he’ll have any at all. 

Highest Paid:

Northsides | RB/DL | 14.5 million (Fair price for Browns)

I would say they overpaid for Northsides because any time you throw this much money at a RB/DL your team is going to be a heavy purse to carry. But this is one guy we knew that had to make this team. So for the Browns this is a number they will pay and pay happily. This player has been coupled to IR Brady for a long time and will probably continue to be so. He is a solid RB/DL who is well worth a pay check. Then give him Chubb and Myles Garrett there will be hell to pay this season.

Best value:

Child Please | RB/DL | 1 million (Good Value)

In order to secure players like Northsides, you have to find good value in high value positions. Grabbing Child Please, a QB for only one million is good grab for the organization. They don’t need to go out and spend a ton of money on quarterbacks when you are playing with the Browns and you have the best running game in the league. You just need to find solid role players and clock managers who can limit turnovers and play solid defense. I think for one million Child is a good fit in that spot.


Team Management:

Owner: ACE boogie | General Manager: BWALL


Never Practices
xx sacrificexx

Team Overview:

The Bills are a team who came into the player bidding after having winning bids on two teams the Vikings and the Bills and chose the Bills of course, for 6.5 million (Last seasons Super Bowl losing team). They had a solid bidding picking up veterans like MR Ohio, Areis and Rivals. Building a solid team all around. They’re capable of having a solid season if the quarterback play and the defensive line play can show out. With Tre’Davious White coming off injury, this team is going to wreck in Madden. The main focus is going to be, will the user play from this team be able to perform with the talent presented with the Bills Madden roster. 

Highest paid: 

NEVER PRACTICES | 9.5 million (Underpaid)

With Never Practices at 9.5 million, a price some may say that’s a high for a wide receiver. But keep in mind this player had the best wide receiver stats in the entire league last season. Bringing in over 120 receptions and racking up over 1,200 yards couple those with his 26 touchdowns and over 600 RAC yards. This player deserves to be paid in the upper echelon of WR’s. Anything less would be an absolute steal. It is hard for me to say that being that he is a WR but he is well worth the price if he can produce anything in the same area code from last season.

Best Value: 

Areis | 1 million (Underpaid)

Areis is a toxic player to keep around and could be hard to work with. That being said the guy is a complete package being able to produce on both sides of the ball. A solid defensive back who will force turnovers for your defense. He has an issue with committing to the season for its entirety. After forcing his team to take forfeits last season, it’s going to be something to watch if they start struggling, will he disappear? If he commits to the season though, for one million this player could end up being a steal.

Bidding Grade: B

Team Mangement:

Owner: JohnnyWheels | General Manager: Blunkey


shady on xbox
Hutch x81

Team Overview:

With JohnnyWheels being a general manager last season for the worst team in the league record wise. This season is a shot at redemption for him and he has put together a fire roster. With Blunky as his GM, these two went into bidding without any expectations and came out with a solid roster. From players like Pstain who was on the Super Bowl winning Buccaneers last season to, last seasons MVP GETTHISWORK. This could end up being the best roster from in the league. Great veteran players like Shady who is switching to quarterback this season and Hutch who despite quitting on the Chargers last season had a great season. The Great Lynx who has been on my team many times before, is a well diversified defensive play caller and just an all around good player. The sky is the limit for this squad as long as it is managed correctly.

Highest paid:

NateCashMoney | RB/DL | 18 million (Overpaid)

Now I’m not saying he is overpaid because he is bad. Not by any means and honestly if this is who these guys wanted then it is worth the price. But just as a league precedent spending this much on a RB/DL, who is not a MVP is a bit much. Nate is a very good player and can be a cornerstone for an offense and defense. He is very versatile and a veteran in the league. So he can be a KEY piece to any scheme. I think 15 million would have been fair but 18 is a bit high. These things do tend to happen when you get into a bid war for a great versatile player.

Best Value:


THIS IS THE MVP S6 DARE I SAY MORE. Not needed but I’m going to anyway. Willy aka getthiswork is by far the steal of the draft. Hands down not even close. He was crushing records last season with the bills on both sides of the ball. Getting to the quarterback 45.5 times, and rushing for 1,100 yards and 14 touchdowns. But to put his sack numbers in perspective the next closest person was almost 20 sacks behind him. That is a crazy amount and is looking to only improve on that this season.

Bidding Grade: A

Team Management:

Owner: Lucky | General Manager: King Logic


The Brisket49
WB OmnixGod
Justt Smoove

Team Overview:

This team had acquired the Packers and is probably the steal of the team bidding. Only had to spend one million on them and that left them with ton of money to spend during player bidding. They didn’t go on a spending spree but were able to hit on all the right pieces. Gathering Just Smoove and Omni God for low prices. So coming through with solid quality players at good price points. They picked up C4AUSE for 500k, who I do not know much about. I hear he is a MUT guy. Historically MUT guys don’t always perform well here. Mostly due the rules and regulations, not saying it’s impossible just stating it hasn’t worked out that often. For 500k he could be a steal, if he can come out the season with a winning record.

Highest paid:

Just smoove | 7.5 million (Solid Price)

Solid price for a solid player. Paying a little extra for a player to play on Arron Jones is worth it. With solid DB play he can definitely make up the value he has been paid. It’s not a stretch to say he could be a bit underpaid. But none the less I feel like he sits comfortable at a 7.5 price. He could benefit the Packers greatly.

Best Value:

OMNIxGOD | QB/LB 6 million (Underpriced)

With Omni being a plug in piece for the Buccaneers Super Bowl run last year, he is a steal at 6 million. He was able to come into that situation, winning some games and play a pivotal part of their playoff run. Being able to compete against top competition on a dime is a rare feature and should be valued more than 6 million. 


Team Management:

Owner: EBOK | General Manager: Hucci


Gabe ily
critical telos
T1 anime

Team Overview:

The Chiefs went into bidding with already one of the better quarterbacks last season in Ebok. So they were had a good building block for their roster. Then they picked up the Chiefs in team bidding for a good price. Going into the player bidding they had plenty of money to spend and they definitely spent it. But most of that money went to the running back position. Placing over 28 million on players to play with a mediocre RB in Madden. But those players who play RB also are some top tier defensive players in the league with Realest and Gabe. Both whom are both extremely experienced in the league and are known for great defensive play. Which will be needed with the Chiefs, due to their defense lacking talent across the board. So if these guys can make up for that we already know the Madden Chiefs have 0 issue putting points up on the board. They may have the best RB group out of all teams in the league also grabbing up the rookie of the year last season Critical telos. So that will give defenses a headache having to lookout for more than just Patrick Mahomes.

Highest paid: 

The Reales | RB/DB | 23.5 Million (Overpaid)

With Realest being the highest paid player in the league, he will bring a lot to the table. Being a top tier defensive play caller and a solid choice at RB, he will definitely bring value to the team. Why he went for 23 million is beyond me. He is for sure worth a good chunk of money but I’m not sure if any player is worth 23 million. But being that there was only 8 teams and not as much fighting over teams in the team bidding, that left a lot of money on the table in the player bidding. So this is the result of owners having more money to spend. 

Best Value: 

Critical Telos | RB/DB | 2.5 Million

Critical Telos only went for 2.5 million after winning rookie of the year last season. Arguably the best running back last season. All that and he still went under 5 million. This is a steal for the Chiefs. Being able to produce at the price he was grabbed is going to be essential for the team. This RB squad the Chiefs have gathered from bidding is going to be A PROBLEM for the league.


Team Management

Owner: TXJamesSmithTX | General Manager: Champ



Scaly manfish58
Farah En Fuego

Team Overview:

The Chargers (my team) is going to be dominant this season just like previous seasons, the roster looks similar but with some key changes. With the additions of Champ, Farah, Accountant we are looking to get over that hump. We have a solid foundation with three strong lines and can easily compete with any other roster out there. The Madden team is suitable for what we want. Making playoffs is no question, Super Bowl or BUST.

Highest Paid:

Farah En Fuego | WR/LB | 15 Million (Overpaid)

Farah is a strong player who is very consistent throughout the years and is a solid guy to have on your team for morale as well as bringing talent. He is a veteran whom can help bring in wins when other cannot but that being said 15 million is a steep price for a wide receiver. But nonetheless he was who we wanted the most so that is why we paid the price we did.

Best Value:

Da Accountant | RB/DL | 500k (Steal)

An active player who is always getting in games and is one of the better defensive linemen in the league. Who’s numbers were a bit low last season playing with the Ravens, finished 6th in TFL and had some issues rushing the passer. But is a good option at RB and is always improving and looking for ways to help the team. At 500k, Da Accountant is going to produce way beyond that value.

Bidding Grade: B

Team Management:

Owner: TPBRAVES | General Manager: Midnight York



Woohdy V2
Sir bottimis
Kwam3 4 MVP

Team Overview:

Okay, I’m going to be honest this is probably the worst team from bidding. Now that doesn’t mean they are bad. Just the bottom comparatively. This team has solid players on it like Fig, Beachmode Woohdy and behe new at QB. So there is some bright spots but there is nothing that is ground breaking. It is a bunch of guys who good but not outstanding, a few that can and are capable of being standouts in their own right. Woohdy v2 being one of those. But the biggest issue I see here is that there is not a HARD NUMBER ONE LINE. A line who can carry the team when things get rough. Like I said most these players are good but in a group I’m not sure how they will be able to make it through a tough stretch of games.

Highest Paid:

Behe | QB/LB | 1 million (Great Value)

This is a player that you are going to get extremely good value out of at 1 million. He is a staff member and a reliable player. He is switching to quarterback for the first time in a while so there might be a bit of a learning curve. But down the road he will be an exceptional part of the team. 

Best Value:

Woohdy v2 | RB/DL | 500k (steal)

This guy can do anything you ask of him. Has a big personality that can be hard to be around sometimes but if you can get along with him and get into a rhythm he can produce and produce big. Just be sure to feed him the ball so the chains keep moving.

Bidding Grade: C-

Team Management:

Owner: Abyss | General Manager: Koolaidz


Swift AP
Vermont AP
Utah AP

Team Overview:

This team was built with IRON from the ground up. There is not a bad spot on this team, they have veterans and they have a lot of skill. They have good value and solid players across the board from the AP bois to the commissioner himself. They knew who they wanted and were not afraid to spend to make it happen, hats off to the Buccaneers for probably having the best team on paper going into week one.

Highest Paid:

TMO | WR/LB | 18 million (Overpaid)

I hate seeing a wide receiver paid so much. Granted that is not why you pay for TMO, he is one of the best defensive play callers in the league and has been so for a while now. So when you decide to drop money on him, you are not doing so for his WR skills, although they’re not bad, it’s just the game of Madden we play today is more reliant on the QB passing to himself. So when you see a WR going for this much it has to be something special. Tmo has been around the league for a very long time and has continued to be successful. So the 18 million is not mind blowing but he is still a WR and is still a bit of an overpay. 

Best Value:

THE AP BOIS | 1.5 million (STEAL)

In order for Abyss to be able to spend money on players like Tmo you have to dig into the draft and get steals. The AP bois are a perfect pair. Although they did not get a crazy amount of wins last season, they were playing top tier lines every game and taking every one of those games to the wire. The fact that all these bois went for 500k a piece is mind blowing and we as owners should be ashamed to let this happen. Congrats to them to getting on a solid roster this season and to the Bucs for recognizing talent and grabbing them for cheap.

Bhedden’s Team Bidding Prediction

With team bidding commencing tonight, I asked a few owners what their thoughts were on teams that’d be bid on. For the most part, all of our ideas were very similar and compiled below.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Buffalo Bills

I see both of these teams going for 10 million or more. The fact that they were both the Super Bowl teams last season and nothing has changed. High point passes from Tom Brady to Mike Evans will be as hard as ever to stop and there’s no containing Von Miller from rushing through the offensive line.

Green Bay Packers 

Personally one of my favorite teams to play with. Aaron Rogers release is so fast it’s extremely hard to sack him. Christian Watson is one of the fastest receivers in the game and then there’s Aaron Jones in the backfield. Pair all of that with a decent defense and with any halfway decent Madden players, that’s a super bowl team.

Los Angeles Chargers

The fact that the Chargers as a team, weren’t very successful last season, probably won’t affect their value that much this season. They’re another great overall team, and having Justin Herbert gives them an added threat of being able to run read options and quarterback runs.

Philadelphia Eagles

With the Eagles success in the NFL, they’re likely on a couple owners radar now. Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown are a great quarterback/wide receiver combo, Miles Sanders is always a threat to break a big run due to his speed, and their defense is actually one of the best in the league overall.

Kansas City Chiefs

High point balls from Patrick Mahomes to Travis Kelce is as cheesy as Tom Brady to Mike Evans. I do think the Chiefs will get bid on, but in my opinion they’re not that great of an all around team. If you shut down Kelce, the rest of the team is sub par.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals offense is explosive, Ja’Marr Chase is almost impossible to stop one on one and Joe Mixon will stiff arm an entire defense into the dirt. They may not go for as much as the Buccaneers or Bills but the Bengals will definitely be one of the higher priced teams.

Potential Sleepers

There are a few teams I could see getting a bid on as a “just in case” scenario. Teams that are decent but not an owners first choice if it can be avoided.

Minnesota Vikings – Mostly solid team. Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson are beasts but Kirk Cousins at quarterback might deter a lot of bidders.

Arizona Cardinals – With DeAndre Hopkins back the Cardinals could definitely get a bid or two. One good receiver may not be enough to for them to be really sought after though.

Cleveland Browns – A team that would be great for a run heavy offense. Not many passing weapons probably makes them more of a last resort for most owners.


What Actually Happened

Since I couldn’t get the prediction article out in time, we will just combine that with the actual results into one big article. Here’s how the actual team building broke down:


DRock – Cleveland Browns (1.5 Million)

Aceboogs – Buffalo Bills (8 Million)

TPBraves – Cincinnati Bengals (3 Million)

eboK – Kansas City Chiefs (3.5 Million)

JohnnyWheels – Philadelphia Eagles (1 Million)

Abyss – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6.5 Million)

TexasJames – Los Angeles Chargers (8.5 Million)

Lucky – Green Bay Packers (1 Million)


Turns out that most of these predictions were fairly accurate. The fact that there are only 8 teams kept the bids relatively low compared to last season. I was slightly surprised to see that the Chargers went for more than both Buccaneers and the Bills. Each owner was asked a couple questions about their bidding strategies and how they felt it went. These were their responses.

Lucky – I went into bidding wanting Chargers and I had them at 8 million for the longest time, but when I started adding up (how much he spent) and realized I might have made a mistake. So when James placed his bid on them, I was happy with getting the packers for only a million.

DRock – Browns for cheap was the plan going in, unfortunately we spent 500k more than expected. We went after Chiefs up to 3 million and the Bengals was going to go up 1 or 2 million more but we decided that we would take Browns with that run game, DeShaun Watson and defensive line.

Tpbraves – I was pretty sure which 4-6 teams were going before bidding, was also really surprised the Bills went for so much but they were in the Super Bowl last season. We all knew Bucs would be up there with the aggressive catch cheese.

JohnnyWheels – Bidding was good, I personally think we have too much money and too many teams to bid on. We had a pretty decent list, we went by as the bidding happened. We knew the Bucs, Bills and Chargers would go for a lot.

eboK – Bidding went better than expected but it almost went horribly wrong . I initially put 6 mil on the Bucs to get their price up but no one wanted to bid on them. I would’ve ran it back with big Tom & DOMINATED everyone but it would’ve been a boring ass season.

Abyss – I just wanted a team that could score points. That was the only thing I cared about.

TexasJames – Yes, we knew who we wanted going into the season. There was no amount of money going to stop us from getting them. We wanted to get ourselves one of the top teams. That being Chargers or Bills and maybe Buccs or Bengals. But we got the team we wanted (Chargers) and are very happy with the price.

All of the owners that I talked to were in agreement that the shortened team bidding was much better than last season’s. It will be interesting to see if the low cost of the teams will drive up the cost of some of the players.