Bhedden’s Team Bidding Prediction

With team bidding commencing tonight, I asked a few owners what their thoughts were on teams that’d be bid on. For the most part, all of our ideas were very similar and compiled below.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Buffalo Bills

I see both of these teams going for 10 million or more. The fact that they were both the Super Bowl teams last season and nothing has changed. High point passes from Tom Brady to Mike Evans will be as hard as ever to stop and there’s no containing Von Miller from rushing through the offensive line.

Green Bay Packers 

Personally one of my favorite teams to play with. Aaron Rogers release is so fast it’s extremely hard to sack him. Christian Watson is one of the fastest receivers in the game and then there’s Aaron Jones in the backfield. Pair all of that with a decent defense and with any halfway decent Madden players, that’s a super bowl team.

Los Angeles Chargers

The fact that the Chargers as a team, weren’t very successful last season, probably won’t affect their value that much this season. They’re another great overall team, and having Justin Herbert gives them an added threat of being able to run read options and quarterback runs.

Philadelphia Eagles

With the Eagles success in the NFL, they’re likely on a couple owners radar now. Jalen Hurts and AJ Brown are a great quarterback/wide receiver combo, Miles Sanders is always a threat to break a big run due to his speed, and their defense is actually one of the best in the league overall.

Kansas City Chiefs

High point balls from Patrick Mahomes to Travis Kelce is as cheesy as Tom Brady to Mike Evans. I do think the Chiefs will get bid on, but in my opinion they’re not that great of an all around team. If you shut down Kelce, the rest of the team is sub par.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals offense is explosive, Ja’Marr Chase is almost impossible to stop one on one and Joe Mixon will stiff arm an entire defense into the dirt. They may not go for as much as the Buccaneers or Bills but the Bengals will definitely be one of the higher priced teams.

Potential Sleepers

There are a few teams I could see getting a bid on as a “just in case” scenario. Teams that are decent but not an owners first choice if it can be avoided.

Minnesota Vikings – Mostly solid team. Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson are beasts but Kirk Cousins at quarterback might deter a lot of bidders.

Arizona Cardinals – With DeAndre Hopkins back the Cardinals could definitely get a bid or two. One good receiver may not be enough to for them to be really sought after though.

Cleveland Browns – A team that would be great for a run heavy offense. Not many passing weapons probably makes them more of a last resort for most owners.


What Actually Happened

Since I couldn’t get the prediction article out in time, we will just combine that with the actual results into one big article. Here’s how the actual team building broke down:


DRock – Cleveland Browns (1.5 Million)

Aceboogs – Buffalo Bills (8 Million)

TPBraves – Cincinnati Bengals (3 Million)

eboK – Kansas City Chiefs (3.5 Million)

JohnnyWheels – Philadelphia Eagles (1 Million)

Abyss – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6.5 Million)

TexasJames – Los Angeles Chargers (8.5 Million)

Lucky – Green Bay Packers (1 Million)


Turns out that most of these predictions were fairly accurate. The fact that there are only 8 teams kept the bids relatively low compared to last season. I was slightly surprised to see that the Chargers went for more than both Buccaneers and the Bills. Each owner was asked a couple questions about their bidding strategies and how they felt it went. These were their responses.

Lucky – I went into bidding wanting Chargers and I had them at 8 million for the longest time, but when I started adding up (how much he spent) and realized I might have made a mistake. So when James placed his bid on them, I was happy with getting the packers for only a million.

DRock – Browns for cheap was the plan going in, unfortunately we spent 500k more than expected. We went after Chiefs up to 3 million and the Bengals was going to go up 1 or 2 million more but we decided that we would take Browns with that run game, DeShaun Watson and defensive line.

Tpbraves – I was pretty sure which 4-6 teams were going before bidding, was also really surprised the Bills went for so much but they were in the Super Bowl last season. We all knew Bucs would be up there with the aggressive catch cheese.

JohnnyWheels – Bidding was good, I personally think we have too much money and too many teams to bid on. We had a pretty decent list, we went by as the bidding happened. We knew the Bucs, Bills and Chargers would go for a lot.

eboK – Bidding went better than expected but it almost went horribly wrong . I initially put 6 mil on the Bucs to get their price up but no one wanted to bid on them. I would’ve ran it back with big Tom & DOMINATED everyone but it would’ve been a boring ass season.

Abyss – I just wanted a team that could score points. That was the only thing I cared about.

TexasJames – Yes, we knew who we wanted going into the season. There was no amount of money going to stop us from getting them. We wanted to get ourselves one of the top teams. That being Chargers or Bills and maybe Buccs or Bengals. But we got the team we wanted (Chargers) and are very happy with the price.

All of the owners that I talked to were in agreement that the shortened team bidding was much better than last season’s. It will be interesting to see if the low cost of the teams will drive up the cost of some of the players.

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