Top 5 AFL Players Likely to Make an NFL Roster

Unfortunately not everyone can start off on the NFL level, some players need to work their way up the ladder to have a shot at the big leagues. Today we’re going to take a look at 5 players I expect to make the jump this season.


King John, this player will probably end up in the VFL sooner rather than later. Due to the fact he is on a team who’s Management is inexperienced and may have some bumps along the way throughout their season. Couple that with players unwillingness to give new owner/management a full opportunity to prove themselves. They might end up having players quit, leave or demand a trade. Which is something we see quite often from new owners teams. With that being said don’t let that take away anything from what King John can bring to the table. John is a GAMER across the board, mostly known for his play in the VBA (Virtual Basketball Association), King john is more than capable of helping a team win at the AFL or NFL level regardless. Although John has not played in the league since season 5, He has a career rushing average of 5.2 YPC, to put this in perspective the upper tier last season was above 7 YPC. So he has not been at the top but can still produce. In season 5, he racked up 22 sacks which does go in his favor. A player who can rush the passer is highly sought after in the league. So I assume if the Eagles find an opening on their roster, King john can easily fill a role on the team.

#4 - HogCrazy

It isn’t a surprise that Hogcrazy made this list. He is on the fast track to being called up immediately. His ability to play multiple positions is going to be key to his success in both leagues. Although he struggled massively last season in the NFL as a QB, throwing 7 interceptions, unofficially having 4 unentered, accumulating at least 11 that I know of. Also only throwing 4 registered touchdowns. He clearly had a bad season but don’t let this fool you. He is a competitor and is capable of winning games at the QB position. With that being said after his struggles last season at QB he switched to WR for the packers racking about 500 yards on nearly 30 receptions and helping Green Bay grab some must needed wins at the end of the season to fight for the number 1 seed. This shows his flexibility couple that with his experience in the league and knowing the right people he will be in the NFL before the season is over with.

#3 - Call Me Kyle

The Chiefs used their 1st round pick of the AFL draft on Call Me Kyle. Call me Kyle is rejoining EBOKstop (Owner of the Chiefs) this season after being the interim GM for the Super Bowl winning Buccaneer’s last season. He found said job when now player DFeetu had to step down to person issues last season. That did not stop Kyle from stepping in and taking advantage of the opportunity, helping the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl. After defeating the Bills in the Super Bowl Kyle had his hopes on owning his own team. Applying for ownership in the offseason, unfortunately that did not come to pass. He had found himself in the AFL draft. With that being said though Kyle had solid play last season. If a management spot opens up and he finds an opportunity to rejoin the NFL in anyway, I see him taking it as well as producing. 

#2 - Bhedden

Bhedden, this is a guy who I personally am shocked did not receive a bid in the NFL bidding. If he would have sign up to play WR, he would have found himself a home in the NFL. Him signing up at RB whilst there was so many hot RBs to choose from was his demise. With little sample size of his RB skills, owners were hesitant to take a shot on an unproven player. But with him being a staff member, great teammate and personality to deal with, he should have received a bid. At WR, last season had upwards of a 1k yard season after joining the Chiefs week two, and was a big factor in helping the them make a solid playoff run. The Chiefs needed to move on from one of their WR’s, Bhedden was able to step in, take over that role and that line did not lose a step. Bhedden went on to have a solid season on both sides of the ball showing his skills. This is a main reason why I feel Bhedden deserves a spot in the NFL and will be doing so in the future as soon as the opportunity arises.

#1 - TWCGpaWarpath

The only reason this player was not taken in the NFL bidding was because he was not in it. He signed up late and was placed into the AFL draft. That being said he was not taken until pick #2 in the second round. This player probably has to do with his availability issues. As well as some interception issues as he is the sole leader for most INTs in the league history with 83 and only 57 touchdown passes. But do not let the stats fool you, this player is capable of winning games. He is a solid 3rd line QB who can scrape together wins, and do so against solid competition. He may not be a solid #1 or carry you to a Super Bowl but he is capable of succeeding. The main reason he finds himself at the number 1 spot on this list is because he is a QB and regardless of what any one thinks, the QB position is the most valuable and sought after position in the league. There will be a time where a team loses a QB due to IR, blacklist or other means and that team will be knocking on the Bills door I assure you. This player (as long as his availability allows it) will be playing in the NFL before the season is up.

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