High Times – Owner/Team Rankings V3

After a two-week-long hiatus, we find ourselves a day into our inaugural Season 7 – week 1 matchups. player bidding is finally in the rearview, trades have been executed and the waiver wire is in full swing. Below we will recap what’s happened and what we predict could happen moving forward. As always, congrats to everyone involved, and here’s to hopefully what will become the best VFL season ever. 


No surprise here, the Eagles are team that will ultimately sink or swim… At this point, there doesn’t seem to be any type of in between. After player bidding concluded, the dynamic duo of Wheels and Blunkey seem poised to “shock the world” you could say, with massive signings of Willy, Nate, Shady and Hutch – veteran players that have proved to be more than capable in past seasons. Though now a day into Season 7, they quickly find themselves in a 0-3 hole. Can GM QB Blunkey save the day? 


At #7 The Money Team AKA The BBB (Big Baller Brand) of the VFL, finds themselves in a familiar spot with this ranking. Similar to the Eagles, this is another sink or swim team filled with big talent from past seasons. With the bidding selections of Areis, Sacrifice, Clutch and Crazy Effect and then a quick trade of former SB champ elite RB Ibprofam – this team is STACKED with talent and possibility. After going a respectable 2-1 last night, this team is poised to jump up the rankings with another stellar outing tonight. Though, as we dive into their 2 wins from Sunday, 27-24 over the Eagles and 28-24 win over the Browns, is this an Icarus scenario with a team that’s potentially flying too close to the sun? If you don’t know the reference… maybe hop off Madden for a moment and read a book 🙂


To make sure I don’t come off bias here, heading into Sunday the Bengal’s were surely battling the #8 Eagles for the possible lowest ranked team to start our Season 7 kickoff. Flash forward to today, this team was literally 1 point away from starting the season 3-0 and this is after ending the night almost completely shutting down the QB star of the evening in KC (BLKSUPERSA1YAN). There’s a lot more football to go, but what a promising start from a team that most of the league has already written off. 


There is a lot to untangle here, so let’s just dive in headfirst- shall we? Rumors are swirling through the NFL this morning, stating Aaron Rodgers could possibly sit the rest of the 2022 season, making this team selection ultimately worthless from an offensive standpoint. Now it might not happen this upcoming week due to Rodgers stating he wants to play until the Packers are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, but at 4-8 that day could be here WELL BEFORE our Season 7 playoffs begin. On top of all this real-life drama, the VFL Packers have potential problems of their own with last night loses of 21 points and 42. In 3 games their Points scored is 31 and Points allowed is 93. Is it still ring season?


RPO Stretch Left, Stretch Right and when all else fails, streeeeetch a little more. Staying put at #4 The Browns have shown the league their goal and that goal is run the football, at least until Deshaun Watson comes back. All jokes aside, I personally think it’s a brilliant concept, when you take away heavy passing it simply allows you to control the clock and typically win the turnover battle, which is a recipe for wins, especially in a league that QBs struggle with turning the ball over. 


After starting the season 2-1 the Chargers are quite possibly turning into my dark horse SB candidate and here’s why – ZERO PLAYER PERSONAL DRAMA, it’s really that simple. As we see most teams star players extremely vocal in chat, either complaining or overly trash talking their opponents, you’ve probably noticed most of the Chargers lineup simply play their games and keep shit moving. I highly doubt this team has to deal with any player turnover and it will allow their lines to build true chemistry together, while most of the league’s owners are contemplating trading away key players every second of the day. Maybe I’m wrong, but I doubt it. 


Not much to dive into here with my final top teams. We know these #2 and #1 juggernauts will make playoffs and be contenders until the very end. I suppose my only question for the Chiefs here is, how well can BLK play throughout an entire season? You can clearly tell he’s a converted RB to QB by how dynamic he can be, especially when the play breaks down and he’s forced to freestyle. On the flip side of that, you see at times where he lacks reads and overall play call ability. Either way, this is a more than competitive team with ginormous upside.


2 weeks in a row now, we’ve given Abyss and company the #1 slot and that trend looks to continue as we play through week 1 and head into week 2 Sunday. Whichever way you slice it or dice it, this team is going to be a tough out, no matter what line it is and no matter what team they face. Now playing the devil’s advocate here, something to look into is Tristian Wirfs health moving forward. The star lineman could be out for the rest of the season and that would be a HUGE loss to this already banged up offensive line. 

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