Realest Top 5 MVP

This is just basically my little opinion., pub-9964423801906113, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

1.  DirtyFalcons – With a 8-0 record and now taking over Ownership of the Cards after James and most of the team left Falcons is keeping the team going with gives him the nod for the #1 spot IMO.


2. Beaste – Also 8-0 like DirtyFalcons. Beaste is pretty much carrying his line with Lamar Jackson!


3. Kuhrow – Love it or Hate it hes doing the most he can with the Cowboys. I think without him Cowboys could possible be the worst team in the league… Respectfully..


4. Hutch/Areis – Without these 2 on the Browns idk if this team would even have 3 to 4 wins and the team only has 10 so that says alot.


5. Mr850- Doing his best to lead the Raiders to the playoffs!


Honorable mentions : Outaker , Shady on Xbox , Mr User Pick , HLGxSharp , Realest 260 , Abyss